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NeNe: The Pit Bull Act is Not a Good Look

Kenya: If It Looks Like a Fraud...

Phaedra: "I Moved Past This Years Ago"

Just Keep Drinking, It Will Be All Right's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 4.


Words to live by, Kim! This is often what I tell my friends when we're out at a bar waiting for it to fill up with more people. Or my response to Senior Editor Monica when we share a bottle of Quickfire wine and she tells me she's worried that her most recent batch of cinnamon cupcakes didn't come out as well as the first. 

Speaking of wine, Kim shares a Big Poppa approved vintage with her parents during the #3 moment this week: Kim's family time. We learned so much about Kim in this scene! We met her parents, found out that she and Big Poppa are back together, and heard that she once sang a Christmas song in 8th grade, which brought her father to tears. The fact that I will not be able to experience this performance brought me to tears! I'm thinking she's definitely an "All I Want for Christmas Is You" kind of girl. 

Sheree's workout takes the #2 spot this week for one simple reason: She works out in a "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?" T-shirt. Clearly Sheree and I are destined to be gym buddies, so that we can work out together in our matching gear (see last week's post). Or maybe we can have some "Who Gonna Spot Me Boo?" shirts made? 

And now let us all give a rousing welcome to the lady of the hour, the indomitable Judge Thelma Wyatt-Moore Phaedra. The baby shower that elicited such responses as, "Somebody please stab me in the neck," and, "Just keep drinking, it will be all right," was the undisputed  #1 moment this week. So fret not my dear commentors "Toadmaster" and "A Viewer," Phaedra has made it to the top of the list this week!

Where to begin? I have to say that I'm loving Kandi's combining of "bourgie" and "ghetto" into the new word, "Bourg-hetto," which is a wonderful addition to the Housewives lexicon. (If this isn't Word of the Year material, Oxford University Press, I don't know what is.) I'm currently considering throwing a bourg-hetto themed party. I'm thinking it would involve eating brie and hummus while listening to Nelly. (What can I say, I have a soft spot for Nelly! "Hot in Herre," anyone?)  

But let's get back to the shower. I must admit, if I could get away with having all my friends and family wear enormous hats while I rock some bourg-hetto fabulous eyelash bling and a bouquet of roses in my hair, I would most certainly do so. Seriously! But alas, my friends and family are not so obliging. 

While my roommate Dan and I are looking into how we might convince the honorable Judge Thelma Wyatt-Moore to be the host of our bourg-hetto themed party (we fell madly in love with her dramatic delivery of the welcome speech), it was the surprise ballet performance that really stole (and brought) the show. 

I was impressed with the ladies' ability to mask their surprise when a troupe of ballerinas materialized, since both my mother and I have the unfortunate tendency to laugh during very inappropriate moments. I love a good dance performance, but any time people in leotards start prancing about when you're not expecting it (and such phenomena have occurred in my apartment before), it's difficult to keep it together. So without further ado, please enjoy this shower scene: