Kim Zolciak

Kim dishes about all the drama of the past two episodes, from Tracy to Phaedra.

on Dec 15, 2010

Episode 11 left me with a lot to say! 

 Kandi is going on a promo tour for her new album, "Kandi Koated," and she asked me to be the opening act. So in order to prepare I needed to put together a really good performance. I went to Mitchell. The choreographer I usually use, Victor, was out of town, and he recommended Mitchell to me. So I had him put together a routine for "Ring Didn't Mean a Thing."

I have been dancing for a really long time, but when I get on stage, I forget all about that! I'm in a zone and Kim does what Kim wants. I just let the music take control and interact with the crowd. Thanks, Mitchell, but I GOT THIS! 

Cynthia gave NeNe a friendship contract while she was at my house? I would appreciate if she didn't do crazy things at my house. I don't want her crazy to rub off into the atmosphere of my home. Thank you. Considering Cynthia has only known NeNe for two months at that time, I found her behavior very odd. 

Phaedra, I was NEVER a stripper. I WAS a nurse. But maybe if you were more concerned with your own job, man, and baby, what I have or haven't done wouldn't make a difference to you. I'm not going to begin to express my feelings about your calling me a ho! SEE YOU AT THE REUNION FAKE-DRA! 

I find it absolutely flattering that these woman have nothing to do but say things behind my back. I DIDN'T say Fake-dra's baby is an alien. I said, "She must be having an alien or a damn school bus if she's going to have it at seven months and it's full term!" AND WHY THE HELL IS DWIGHT PLAYING MESSENGER? Buddy, worry about your salon that's going under and that nose! NOT KIM! I don't see Dwight other then a few run ins here and there. THANK GOODNESS! And Dwight, My bills are paid. THANK YOU!

Next week gets even better...

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