Kim Zolciak

Kim talks Tracy, explains her friendship with NeNe, and breaks down the Dwight fight.

on Oct 4, 2010


It's been a year and were finally back! I have missed all my fans sooo much, although I am a twitter junkie and try to stay connected, it's great to finally be able to blog again. So lets not waste anytime and get into it!

As you all know, last season Big Poppa proposed...After all that, I really reevaluated myself and my relationship with Poppa, and we decided to call it quits. It's been several months now since we split, and I've moved on, but Poppa will always be in my life.

We remain GREAT friends, and my kids and I adore him. Because I had just recently left Poppa, it was really hard letting the world know about Tracy and I. I knew it would be so controversial being with a woman. I never intended on sharing that part of my life with anyone but a few close friends, however all the media and speculation surrounding our relationship was insane. I felt like I had no other alternative but to be HONEST and OPEN with the public.