Kim Zolciak

Kim's first major performance has her hungry for more.

on Oct 19, 2010


WOW! What an episode! I wanna say it was such an honor to perform at the annual White Party in Palm Springs this year! I want to thank Jeffrey Sanker and especially Kandi for making my dream a reality. Even to be CONSIDERED to perform at such a large event still gets me emotional ... I've come such a long way from my Season 1 "Tightrope" days with Dallas Austin. 

Now lets jump right in ... since I was so excited about this performance I barely left myself any time to pack! My assistant Sweetie "attempted" to help me, and we finally did it! I know it appears that I speak to Sweetie disrespectfully, however Sweetie and I have a great "friendship" and we are always cutting up and having fun, we have been for 11 plus years. Like always, leaving my girls while I'm out doing performances or appearances is always incredibly hard. They're my number one fans, and I wish they could come with me everywhere. They usually do but this was during school so it was impossible this time. 

Let me say, Nene's dog "Playa" is absolutely ADORABLE! My teacup Pomeranian Chanel has some competition. But was I the only one who noticed Nene saying, "He very sorry," when she was referring to her son Brice's arrest? Nene it's, "He IS very sorry."