Kim Zolciak

Kim's first major performance has her hungry for more.

on Oct 19, 2010

Well when Sweetie and I arrived at Palm Springs in the bright a-- yellow Lamborghini she rented, we met Kandi at the hotel. Yes, Kandi, I did bring a limo for my bags. My luggage wouldn't have fit in a "car," so it left us no other alternative. call me a diva, but whatever! Whether I put it in the trunk or not, Kandi would have had SOMETHING to say. Doesn't she always?

THE QUESTIONS ABOUT TRACY EVEN FOLLOWED ME TO PALM SPRINGS. Can I have a day where it isn't brought up? I'm not asking them who they are sleeping with.

After a crazy, hectic two days, the performance was finally here. Yet, there was one problem. My boobs were not fitting in my dress. So the stylist Charlie had to literally create straps to hold me up! Just when I think I'm good, a nice little wind comes and my dress goes all the way up. So there is Charlie again, sewing my dress to my underwear as DJ Chi Chi LaRue is saying, "Welcome to the stage Kim Zolciaaaaaak," and there you have it ... my biggest performance to date! All my nerves went away as I sang and danced around all those beautiful men and sang in front of THOUSANDS! It was SUCH an honor. This day is one of the days I will remember for the rest of my life, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Once again, thank you Jeffrey Sanker, Kandi, my daughters Brielle and Ariana, and of course all my fans.

Until next week!