Kim Zolciak

Kim talks Kandi Koated Nights and Brielle's purity ring. 

on Nov 30, 2010

Speaking of SEX! Brielle came to me saying she wanted a promise ring symbolizing her vow to be celibate. That was really special to me. I had Brielle young, and I tried to instill in my daughters that they didn't need to have sex with a guy because he asked and they felt pressured. She told me she would wait until eighteen, and it still seemed a little young for me but the fact that she was commited says A LOT. The ring was stunning, and I am so proud of my angel. 

When I saw the footage of Kandi in the studio talking about me, I mean, after eight episodes of this I wasn't really surprised. What would surprise me is if she ever said it directly to me! IT WOULD BE SHOCKING!  

When she played the song for me in her car, I loved it! She did change it up for me because, lets be real, I am not vocally capable of hitting high a-- Mariah Carey notes. It's not in my range. Before I listened to the song I invited Kandi, Ms. Joyce, Riley and her aunt over my parent's house for dinner. It was a really nice time for us all to bond together, but I had to tell Kandi about the radio call Gregg did. 

Now I don't know if he knew he was being recorded but off the bat, but Kandi and I were shocked. It didn't sound like something Gregg would PUBLICLY say on a radio call, but we knew Nene had to be DEVASTATED! I am really rooting for Gregg and NeNe to work it out. Divorce is HARD, and it takes a lot out of you. I wish them both the best.

Congratulations to Phaedra on having such a cute baby boy! He is adorable. I will be in her spot in six months. I would ask her for baby tips but, I do have two girls already and I don't think she has many tips to give (If you know what I mean).

Well until next week.