Kim Zolciak

Kim gushes about her new beau (and his best feature). 

on Nov 18, 2010


How cute was this week's episode? Lets get right into it.

For months I have been preparing to redo my office space and surprise Ariana with a brand new bedroom. It took a while, but I finally did it. It took a year to make the furniture. My office furniture is from Phyllis Morris in LA and Ariana's furniture is from Posh Tots. Ariana was SO happy and excited when she saw it, and I knew she was genuinely in love with it, but Brielle wasn't so happy. There have been many times where Brielle has received things and Ariana hasn't, but since I have been traveling so much performing and hosting events, I don't always get to see my girls as much as I want too. So I often find myself buying them things to make up for the time I  lose with them. I love my angels more than anything, seeing them happy can't compare to any, car, shoe, or gift ever. Brielle has new furniture in storage also from Phyllis Morris, but her ceilings are only 9 ft and the bed is 10 ft. Who knows, maybe I will move soon? 

I thought Cynthia's proposal was VERY romantic yet very interesting.

1. He put the ring on the wrong hand.

2. She had NO expression on her face.

3. Aren't proposals supposed to be an intimate moment with YOU and YOUR man ONLY?