Kim Zolciak

Kim addresses the fight with NeNe and explains her relationship with Sweetie. 

on Jan 28, 2011


I want to apologize to all of you who intended to watch RHOA and got stuck watching the Discovery Channel, because who other than a gorilla gets out there seat and attempts to attack someone?

The tour had been stressful on everyone, tension was rising, buttons were being pushed, but until the no-class moose got on the bus, there was honestly no drama. Sweetie and Kandi had their little tiff, but they moved on. Don Juan and I our own little disagreements, but nothing major. So it was amazing to me how one person can cause so much havoc. 

Lets rewind.

I had been on the bus for about four days when I had decided to invite NeNe to watch me perform at Orlando. I felt because she had so much going on at home with Gregg that a girls' night out in Orlando would be fun. I also wanted her to see that I had worked hard on 'The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing.' Why was I trying to impress someone who has nothing going for herself? 

NeNe had negatively dissed me to Jermaine Dupri on the set of her intern interview for a local news station here in Atlanta. Why? Why did you need to bring up my name? Kim's 32 trying to be a pop star? Yes ma'am, and I am getting paid and having a blast doing it while you're an intern. Some people know they won't get any attention unless they throw in someone else's name. I mean after all that's how she sold her book (I got a whole chapter).

So we get on the bus and head on our way down to Miami for Cynthia's bachelorette weekend and our last performance. I called my good friend Thomas and let him know we were headed his way. I informed him that Don Juan and Sweetie needed rooms as well, since we would be staying at his multi-bedroom estate and he had plenty of room. But NeNe had to open her mouth and say, "Don Juan and Sweetie can't stay!"

What? Did NeNe really think Kandi and I were just going to Kick Don Juan and Sweetie out to a hotel when there was plenty of room for them at Thomas' house? No, NeNe! It doesn't work that way. She started pointing her finger and getting loud, and I was over it. She called my assistant a "slave," and that's when she crossed the line.