Kim Zolciak

Kim addresses the fight with NeNe and explains her relationship with Sweetie. 

on Jan 28, 2011

For years, I have sat back and let NeNe go at me and even get physical with me, but this was the last time for me. So Kimmy came out, and Kimmy wasn't playing. I let her know what the deal was, and she didn't like it.

As soon as she got her a-- off that seat I knew it was done between us. Forever. I accepted her back into my life again, but now she's out. Fool me once shame on YOU, fool me twice shame on me! There was so much more you all didn't see, and lucky for her it wasn't aired. She has no class, self control, or morals if she thinks she could put her hands on me. She even said she would snap my neck! It's just sad. It is OK to disagree or get upset, however under no circumstances does it give you any right to get physical and put your hands on someone.

Well while she's snapping necks, I'll be writing checks. Something she only wishes she could do!

Let's talk about Sweetie. Sweetie (yes, yes, yes that is her legal name) has been with me for eleven years. We have been through a lot together: a divorce, Ariana's arrival into the world, three moves etc. She is as close to me as my brother. Now I will say that from what you see on the show, it appears as if I don't do anything for myself, but I do. Sweetie and I joke, cut up, and play around, but when it's time for business, it's business. NeNe has only been around Sweetie and I together maybe five times, so how the hell can she insuiatate anything. My relationship with Sweetie is none of her business anyway. Sweetie is a grown woman and is free to walk out my door at any time. 

Sweetie and I sit back and laugh, we are happy. Sweetie loves her job, and I love having her around. 

All in all, the three city tour was fun and exhausting... quite the learning experience. I am so grateful to Kandi for everything she has done for me and even just for asking me to join her on the tour. I must say that I have never seen Kandi that irritated before. She was very short tempered on the entire tour, and I am sure being loud and horsing around with Don Juan probably didn't help. I have been on vacations with Kandi and have had a blast, but maybe it was because we had our own rooms!