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Not for Me

Sheree gives us her take on the whole Love Doctor fiasco. 


It's been a while since I have gotten a chance to blog, so I am going to try and touch on a number of things from the previous episodes. Sorry if this gets too long!

When I first got the call about participating in the "Dancing Stars of Atlanta" charity event, I was really honored that I was considered. As you know, I am not a dancer! So once again this is me going out of my comfort zone, trying to open up and do things that I never felt comfortable doing. But this time it was for wonderful cause. It wasn't about me, it wasn't about winning or losing, it was about raising funds for Alzheimer's research. So we were all winners! We all put a lot of time, energy, and effort into being involved in something so wonderful. We were given ten one-hour lessons to learn a routine. It was tough to make all of the lessons because of my schedule, but I got through it. I had a really good dance partner in Derrick, he kept me focused. One way I tried to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association was by hosting a boot camp in the park. I reached my goal even with the girls only donating $20! It went really well. Thanks for those that came out, I really appreciate the support. 

I decided to throw a graduation party for my two youngest kids. My daughter was going into her first year of middle school, and my son was going into his first year of high school! Two very BIG milestones in my book, and a great cause for a celebration. I took the kids and their friends to Andretti's. We had a great time! I am pretty active with my kids, I love doing fun stuff together with them. They grow up so fast, and it is important to enjoy them while you can. 

The scene with Lawrence coming into my kickboxing session was hilarious. I tried to get him to work out with me before, and that was even funnier! Those who know me know that I am serious about health and fitness. That's really important to me, and I'm very passionate about working out and staying healthy. I need to be around for my kids's kids...and their kids's kids! In other words, I need to be around a few generations!

Moving right along with the fast life car race, I had absolutely no plans on racing. When I got there, Kim decided not to race, so I was talked into racing Kandi. Prior to the race, I was so nervous. I had never driven that fast before. We had two practice runs in which Kandi won. However, when it came down to the real race, (the one that mattered) I won! Kandi was not happy about that...SORRY, BOO! No re-matches!  

I grew up playing spades. Since I was young, I remember my family and friends getting together playing spades and having a wonderful time. It's a very fun and competitive game. So I decided to have a spades party and invite Dr.Tye and the girls, since he said he was such a great spades player. Boy was it an eye opener! When the girls started to say that Tye was a fraud, things started to really heat up for him and add up for me! That was when I realized what I had been suspecting was possibly true! I could never get a straight answer or an honest one about anything. While I still tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, the lies kept on coming. I knew that I deserved better. If we are only on date three, not boyfriend status, just the third date, and the lies are this big and this are definitely not for me!

Meeting Tye for lunch to talk about this not working or being a good match kind of got a little out of hand! He expressed his anger at the fact that I didn't hold a conversation with his son whom I had never met! I for one don't want a man I am trying to get to know to hold a conversation with my kids! I like to make sure you are who you say you are, and that you are special enough to meet them, that I can tolerate you past next week and that you are trustworthy. The list can go on and on! There are too many crazy people in this world and my job is to try my best to protect my kids as best as I can.  

When Tye, who was visiting his kids for a few days from LA, pulled an envelope from his back pocket and claimed it was his transcript but refused to show it, I thought, "REALLY!?" Who walks around with their transcript in their back pocket! So y'all know, I was trying to grab it, but he wasn't having that! He jumped up and left me and the bill and walked down the street to wait for his ride. Bless his heart! I really do wish him the best. He just wasn't for me.

Okay, this was pretty long! I thank you guys for being patient. I'm still behind, I know, but I'm going to work on it.

Until next time.


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Phaedra: I Was Disappointed with Cynthia

Phaedra Parks weighs in on Cynthia Bailey's "classless" behavior. Why did you decide to perform an exorcism at the house? Do you think it helped?

Phaedra Parks: I was raised in the church. Both of my parents are pastors along with eight of my uncles. I believe in spirits and energy. The energy in my home was noticeably different so I wanted my Apostle to bless and tarry in our home in an effort to bring a renewed and positive energy into the house. Regardless of whether or not you believe doing such a thing actually works, it is a way for all of us to reset ourselves, let go of the negativity, and move forward with our lives. I know prayer changes things and calms the atmosphere. Following Apostle Canada's visit we rested better and there was a spirit of peace and tranquility in our home. We have begun the next chapter of our lives and are focused on the future. You and NeNe have grown a lot closer. How did that come about?

PP: I consider NeNe a good friend. We have not always been on the same page, however we have found a common ground of being like-minded, successful entrepreneurs and mothers of sons. When I needed a friend the most, she was there and I will always remember that. It is easy to find friends when life is going well, but it is the ones who are willing to support you during the storms that matter. During the months when my life was spinning out of control, NeNe called me every single day to see how I was doing despite her busy schedule. She sent encouraging text messages when she could not reach me. I was grateful that I had her and Porsha in my corner because they helped me through some of my most difficult days. What was going through your head when Kenya brought up the rumor?

PP: Well, in actuality it was Cynthia who brought up the rumor. I was disappointed that Cynthia, a fellow wife and mother, would be so insensitive to repeat such an absurd notion less than 24 hours following my husband’s incarceration and the drama that occurred with it. At no point have Cynthia and Peter ever reached out to check on me or my children. I was amazed that she was more interested in spreading a lie than supporting me as a woman and newly single mother. I guess the purported class she touts must have been on winter break, because that was the most classless thing I have ever witnessed.

As far as Kenya is concerned, I never expect much from her, but as always her obsessive interest in my life, plus her extreme actions and emotional state, further corroborate the affair between her and Apollo.


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