The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top FIVE moments of Episode 9.

Nov 29, 2010


How appropriate to have a supersized helping of Atlanta after a weekend supersized with Thanksgiving gluttony. I don't know about you, but I think I need to go hit the gym with Sheree and Lawrence. Although I think Sheree would kick my a-- at boxing -- those arms! 

In the spirit of giving thanks (and supersizing things), you're getting FIVE rather than the usual three moments this week. There were just too many amazing moments in this episode. And hey, maybe it will help relieve some of your post-holiday-traffic post-traumatic stress. 

So let's dive right in to the #5 moment, baby Ayden's homecoming. I have to say, there's nothing cuter than watching two first time parents fumble around while they learn the ropes of parenting. But one thing in particular left me a bit confused. Phaedra said that the same person who crochets for Oprah crocheted Ayden's outfit. But what is Oprah having crocheted? Does Gayle secretly love wearing crocheted clothing? Are crocheted onesies one of Oprah's ultimate favorite things? Add this to the list of Atlanta mysteries.