The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top FIVE moments of Episode 9.

Nov 29, 2010

Speaking of mysteries, the #4 moment goes to Sheree's debacle with (Doctor?) Tiy-E. I'm just as confused as Sheree on this one. Why was he being so shady about answering the question? Something is definitely not right, because frankly anyone who claims to be a "Love Doctor" should probably know that saying, "Sometimes women need to shut up," isn't going to win you another date. In the words of Sheree, "NEXT!" (They really need to bring back 'Next' so Sheree can be on it. Hearing her say "next" is music to my ears.)

On to #3, the "girl talk" between NeNe and Kim. Oh NeNe and Kim conversations … always full of gems. First off, I DIED when Kim said of Kandi Koated Nights, "Some of the things she talks about are hard for me to swallow." Too easy? Maybe. Hysterical? Yes. I also love whenever NeNe tries to get the scoop on Tracy from Kim. She goes into this husky, knowing voice that's just perfect. Maybe NeNe should take a page from Kyra Sedgwick and look into becoming a closer. How could you not answer this: "If it was good once, I bet you went back twice, girl. Tell me the truth." See what I mean?

The #2 spot has to be the scene where Cynthia and Peter try out different wedding menu items. Why you ask? For Cynthia's statement, "Are you guys going to throw that away? That's a good sandwich later." Amen! That just gave Cynthia major points in my book. Why let all of those samples that you only took a bite of go to waste? And in Cynthia's blog this week, she confirms that she did in fact enjoy a leftover sandwich.