The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top FIVE moments of Episode 9.

Nov 29, 2010

And finally, the #1 moment … Kandi Koated Nights! Where to begin? You've got to give Kandi credit, she has no problem asking the hard questions. For example, "Have you ever peed on anyone?" While it seems none of the Atlanta ladies is into water sports, I'm a little suspicious of Kandi. Was she perhaps looking for some solidarity? Maybe Andy can get some answers if they play Andy Coated Nights again. 

I was also with Kim when she said, " Do you really think that NeNe is a 3? No. NeNe is probably a 43." I remember the Alter Ego photo shoot last season, and I think NeNe is just a crouching southern belle, hidden freak-a-leak. 

And then of course there was Mr. Luscious. Sounded like Kandi should have said she had two special guests for the girls … Was he actually wearing only a sock on his penis? I'm pretty sure strippers have more high tech gear available. But what made that scene a true spectacle was watching all of the ladies' faces. The range of surprise, horror, and fascination was priceless. Enjoy all the Kandi Koated, lusciousness of this week's top clip!