The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 8.

Nov 22, 2010


Sorry for the delay Atlanta lovers! What a day. As if the live performance of "Google Me" last night wasn't enough of a pre-Thanksgiving treat, the crafty Kim Zolciak revealed that she's with child (get all the details HERE). Congrats, Kim! Looks like the next room she'll be re-decorating is going to be a nursery. (Sorry, Brielle.)

And now some bad news … the mystery of Sheree's dance routine song remains unsolved! No one seems to be able to track it down. So apologies to all, especially commenter "rodz" who was counting on us to find it. And apologies also to commenter "PENIS OINTMENT!!!!" but I do not have any info on where to find said "penis ointment." I was a bit too nervous about what might come up on my screen were I to google this at work, so you're on your own. 

Anyway, on to the show. The #3 moment this week goes to Sheree's card game. First off, I loved Sheree answering the door in curlers and owning it. I hate when people show up to my apartment early for things (I'm usually still naked, or in mid dinner prep, or both), so I was on board! But the real fun was all the gossip. When Kandi told everyone that Phaedra was actually 40 weeks pregnant, it was as if all the ladies won the lottery. What's better than being proved right? Evidently giving the "Love Doctor" the third degree about his degrees. I think if I had been in his spot I would have melted into nothing more than a KZ Locks wig under the questioning of NeNe, Lisa, and Kandi. Though I can only imagine what Sheree has in store for him next week. Nobody checks a Boo like Sheree! 

PS: Did anyone else think that Sheree and Kandi's shirts were super similar? 

PPS: Lawrence was WORKIN' those high heel clogs!

The #2 spot goes to Phaedra's delivery. While there were many highlights to Phaedra's adventures in birthing, one statement in particular really rose above all the rest:

"The first time I looked at him, he just looked Chinese to me."

… I don't think anything else need be said.