The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 8.

Nov 22, 2010

Moving on, the #1 moment on the episode goes to Kandi's birthday wig. I'll just let you all know now, any scene that involves some high-flying wiggery will certainly be selected as the top moment (barring any rare, unforeseen, wigless whammy of a moment). I mean, when Kim had the driver carry in that enormous box with the pink sheet over, it I was dying with anticipation. Could it be what I think it is … Yes! Kandi opened it to find a KZ Locks original, and I was jealous like whoa (seriously)! I ask you, who wouldn't want to parade around in a luscious, long, gingey wig? How fun is that? And Kim even decorated the inside of the box. So not only did Kandi get the wig, but also a little "wig-wam" if you will! And for that, Kim scores the #1 moment.