The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 3.

Oct 15, 2010


Welcome back, fellow Atlanta-mals! First off I have to thank Senior Editor Monica of Team Top Chef fame for the kind words last week.  She's sweeter than the perfect chocolate soufflé! Or this photo gallery of Yigit (swoon). But I digress.    

This week we got to fall in love with "Tardy for the Party" all over again. We also got to see a different side of Kim –- the naked side. But before we get to the White Party, NeNe scores the #3 moment: Bonding with Brentt. 

We haven't really seen a lot of Brentt in the past, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he's a total sweetheart! When he says that the rumor about Brice being involved with a gang is, "The biggest lie I ever heard in America," my heart pretty much melted.