The BAM! Squad's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 14.

Jan 17, 2011

I'm thinking that close quarters and Housewives are just a terrible combination, especially for Kim and NeNe given their longstanding frenemy status. But alas, the floodgates were opened and a season's worth of pent-up frustrations were released. I do have to tip my hat to those ladies, nobody brings a drama packed throwdown quite like they do. Relive the train-wreck (or should I say bus-wreck) and share whose side you’re on in the comments.

(P.S. if I were driver Danny, I would have been driving that bus like Sandra Bullock in 'Speed' until I reached Miami.)

And finally, the No. 1 moment goes to the adorable Riley! There's really not much to say about this scene other than AWWW! Riley manages to be sassy ("All my clothes are cute!") and supremely saccharine ("Because they were bought by a fantastic and cute mom.") in one fell swoop. I'll bet someone earned a shopping spree for some more "cute" clothes after that one. And in an episode that was really kind of a downer, this was a brief but welcome breath of adorable air.