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Claudia: I Am Not Asking for Sympathy

The Future is Bright's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 11.

Atlanta is a place of wonder and magic. And this week really proved that dreams can come true between all the dancing, drinking, eating, and laser lights. 

The #3 spot this week goes not so much to a moment, but to Sheree's amazing one liners this season. Her delivery is just spot on, and I have to tip my hat to her. This week's one liner occurred when she said of Cythia, "She's been hanging onto NeNe like a tick. She's got to scratch that bitch off!" Her whispery voice combined with her miming of scratching off a tick was just hysterical. I will say I feel a little bad for Cynthia, because the whole "Friend Contract" was obviously a joke, but I am thankful that all this drama over it helped bring about this little Shere-ism.

I'm really loving all the dancing we've been seeing, so the #2 moment goes to Kim's new dance routine. Who knew she had sixteen years of dance experience? A nurse, a dancer, a singer ... Kim Zolciak is the definition of a Renaissance woman! It seems like every week we discover a new hidden talent of Kim's. Now maybe she wasn't quite familiar with Mitchell's style of dance, but those years of experience didn't quite shine through. I have faith that Kim will pull it together for this bus tour. As she points out, "Kim wants to do what Kim wants to do and what I'm feeling at the moment." And bless you for that, Kim! (P.S. when did this bus tour happen? Did they skip NY, because I would have been first in line for tickets to the Kim/Kandi spectacular.)

And now for the #1 moment ... LASER PIZZA! Kim's alternative weight loss method was perhaps the most amazing thing I've ever seen. First off, Kim's explanation was priceless, "I don't have time for the gym, so I turned to science." This conjured images of Kim rocking a lab coat and stilettos while carefully pipetting chemicals into test tubes. Alternatively it made me think of Weird Science. I'm still unclear as to how the laser was supposed to be helping.

But really Kim took it to the next level with the pizza. Did you honestly ever once think, "Oh this season we'll probably see Kim lying on a bed in a silver bikini having lasers fired at her while she enjoys a big slice of Domino's?" I certainly didn't, and quite frankly it's one of the most amazing visual experiences this show has ever provided. It really put the pickle photo shoot to shame. If this is the future, it's looking bright.