Cast Blog: #RHOA

The Ladies on the Bus Go Back and Forth's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 14.

Although the Golden Globes may have been on last night, the true Atlanta lovers were rewarded with an episode that delivered some of the saddest, scariest, and sweetest moments of the season in one peach-packed punch. Let us embark upon this highly Ramotional rollercoaster ride together, shall we?

This week's saddest moment claims the No. 3 spot – Cynthia and Peter's wedding worries. I don’t think I could imagine anything more daunting (or more time consuming) than the prospect of having to go back and un-plan a wedding. I’ve seen enough episodes of 'Bridezillas' to know the physical and emotional cost that goes into the whole process, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty.

When Peter told Cynthia about Uptown's closing, I think she had a right to be upset. I'm not quite sure what Peter expected her reaction to be when he broke the news… "Oh OK, so we’ve lost our main source of income. How do you feel about releasing live doves at the ceremony?" I mean come on! And call me crazy, but his resolution to just not tell her anything anymore doesn't exactly seem like the best solution for soon to be newlyweds. But in Cynthia's blog, she says that they still love one another and are working through their issues. I suppose we’ll just have to keep watching to see if this wedding actually happens.

No. 2 goes to the horrific Kim and NeNe blowout (Yes, scarier than Helena Bonham Carter's outfit). Where to begin with this… I'm mostly sad that they're no longer friends! Honestly it's more amusing when they get along. Exhibit A:

I'm thinking that close quarters and Housewives are just a terrible combination, especially for Kim and NeNe given their longstanding frenemy status. But alas, the floodgates were opened and a season's worth of pent-up frustrations were released. I do have to tip my hat to those ladies, nobody brings a drama packed throwdown quite like they do. Relive the train-wreck (or should I say bus-wreck) and share whose side you’re on in the comments.

(P.S. if I were driver Danny, I would have been driving that bus like Sandra Bullock in 'Speed' until I reached Miami.)

And finally, the No. 1 moment goes to the adorable Riley! There's really not much to say about this scene other than AWWW! Riley manages to be sassy ("All my clothes are cute!") and supremely saccharine ("Because they were bought by a fantastic and cute mom.") in one fell swoop. I'll bet someone earned a shopping spree for some more "cute" clothes after that one. And in an episode that was really kind of a downer, this was a brief but welcome breath of adorable air.

Claudia: Some People Have a Vendetta

Claudia Jordan shares her thoughts on the group therapy session. Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Claudia Jordan: I do and I don't. The main people that needed it were not willing participants. One took off because she couldn't deal with hearing about how her actions affected the rest of the ladies. And the other that stayed, well… she received apology after apology without ever acknowledging any of her own wrong doing. That's not right at all. How is it that the woman on the receiving end of a physical attack has apologized to her assailant on several occasions, yet she has yet to show any remorse? That's downright insane to me! At the end of the day, there are lots of situations in this group where one can claim they were "provoked," and if the response/excuse every single time was physical violence, we'd all be in jail! And the sad thing is in this particular environment I felt that everyone else there was really ready to do the work and participate. So if ever there was a time to drop the ego and do the right thing and apologize simply for the purpose of starting the healing process for the group, then that was the time. Some people are just too stubborn and refuse to humble themselves. That happens when you are babied your entire life -- you feel like you can do no wrong. The rest of the ladies (including myself) however have all apologized and taken responsibility for contributing to the discord. But just pay attention to who never apologizes and who always does. I do not think that is because one "group" has been causing all the negativity in the group. But I do think that is because some have an agenda and a vendetta, while the other group is actually trying to make things cool and move on.

But on the flip side I will say that therapy was beneficial. In that one session we did get some good guidance from Dr. Jeff, who I would like to apologize to on behalf of the group for how he was mistreated. He came to help us and was insulted, disrespected, and his professionalism was questioned, which he did not deserve. So Dr. Jeff, I am sorry for how you were mistreated. The session did just highlight that some of us are mature and able to speak respectfully to one another, even if we have an issue with them, and some just cannot stand the sight and sound of someone we have decided not to like just because. All in all we did the best we could, and everyone who stayed did seem to really want to get along. And things were definitely better at work after the session. We were cordial and friendly. Why did you decide to meet with Dr. Jeff one-on-one?
CJ: I have never, ever once claimed to be perfect or without flaws. And when I say I want to really resolve things, I am not just offering lip service -- I really mean it. If there is something that I am doing wrong that is contributing to any of the strife amongst the group, then I'd like to address it and do my part to work on me. I think most of us have issues with others because of past hurts that we perhaps never really dealt with and that cause us to act out in certain ways that may bother others. I am not saying I do this necessarily, but I have no problems talking to someone to at least try to be a better person. I for sure have made my share of mistakes and have experienced a lot of pain and disappointment in my life, but I've also been extremely blessed. But at the end of the day, my intention is always to grow and learn from it all and to be a better woman today than I was yesterday. Dr. Jeff is great at what he does and was for sure an asset to the group. Thank you, Doctor! Did you and Porsha manage to get back to a better place?
CJ: It seemed that way. But I had made the decision that regardless of whether or not she was going to continue the peace treaty, that I was going to do my part to keep it cool, polite, and cordial. And so far so good.

Again I'd like to thank the fans for all their support and love and enthusiasm for #RHOA! I was in Miami Beach and Miami Gardens with the morning show this past weekend for Jazz in the Gardens, and the love I got from all the fans of the show was next level! I was truly flattered and humbled, and I will never let any of this get to my head and change me. I'm grateful to be a part of this and for all the amazing opportunities that keep sprouting from this. I just wrapped a movie called The Hills that I have a lead role in, which will be out in the fall, as well as another film called Love is Not Enough. I'm also working on a product line (to be announced soon) and more calls have been coming in from Hollywood for more great acting roles. I also had a great time with my girls in Miami and ran into a bunch of awesome people doing their thing that love the show too! I feel so rested and at peace. I'm healthy, happy, and appreciative. #ThankYouGod

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