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A Grown Up Lady Conversation

Episode 1:'s Assistant Editor counts down the top three moments.

Welcome back, Atlantimals! It’s been far too long since we’ve traveled down south to check on our favorite belles, and there’s a lot to catch up on – sex toys, funeral homes, babies, modeling schools, NeNe’s dental hygiene status – it’s staggering! 

But never fear, I’ll be making your life easier by counting down the top three moments each week. And if somehow I’ve missed your very favorite scene, feel free to tell me in the comments (because really there are just too many moments to include). 

No. 3 – ‘Wives in Toyland

Phaedra, Sheree, and Kandi hanging out in a sex toy shop… Really what more could you want? Kandi is looking to expand her Kandi Koated brand into the boudoir, so she brought the girls to an adult store to do some research with her. This “research” involved Phaedra singing Tardy for the Party with a vibrator at her throat, hitting people with dildos, and trying out a doggy-style cushion. So overall, the outing was a great success. 

No. 2 – “A Grown Up Lady Conversation”

Now I tend to prefer the odd and funny moments (or anything having to do with a wig), but sometimes the fights just cannot be ignored. Such was the case with Sheree’s plan to have a “grown up lady conversation” with NeNe over an appearance booking Sheree was miffed about. Long story short, Sheree had the event planner on the phone, NeNe had Diana on the phone, and the “conversation” quickly turned into a shouting match. Sheree threw around some accusations that NeNe had to get her teeth fixed because they were rotten and that her car was repossessed from a Home Depot parking lot. NeNe said it was Sheree who didn’t have any money and had her car repossessed. And both of them threatened violence in their interviews. Needless to say, the issue remained unresolved.

One more thing to note: That event planner needs a special shout out for announcing that he couldn’t hear the ladies anymore over all the noise as all hell broke loose in the restaurant. 

No. 1 – A World of Pure Imagination

Everything about Phaedra’s pursuit and passion for the funeral business is just incredible. Really? Entertainment lawyer by day, funeral organizer by night? Well, whatever floats your boat. While I almost opted for the choosing of the hearse that plays music as it drives by, I decided to give the number one spot to the moment when Phaedra reveals her interest in he funeral biz to Kandi for two reasons. One, because I’m obsessed with when she talks about how she loves the details of funerals, like folding their hands or putting gloves on them or giving them a flower. That little hand-folding motion she does will forever be burned into my memory. Two, because of this line, “Kandi’s imagination leads her to the world of sex, my imagination leads me to the world of the dead.” Enough said.

Next week the NeNe, Cynthia, and Kandi hit Miami for a girls’ weekend. And if it’s a girls’ weekend with Kandi, you know exactly where the conversation is going…

Phaedra: I Was Disappointed with Cynthia

Phaedra Parks weighs in on Cynthia Bailey's "classless" behavior. Why did you decide to perform an exorcism at the house? Do you think it helped?

Phaedra Parks: I was raised in the church. Both of my parents are pastors along with eight of my uncles. I believe in spirits and energy. The energy in my home was noticeably different so I wanted my Apostle to bless and tarry in our home in an effort to bring a renewed and positive energy into the house. Regardless of whether or not you believe doing such a thing actually works, it is a way for all of us to reset ourselves, let go of the negativity, and move forward with our lives. I know prayer changes things and calms the atmosphere. Following Apostle Canada's visit we rested better and there was a spirit of peace and tranquility in our home. We have begun the next chapter of our lives and are focused on the future. You and NeNe have grown a lot closer. How did that come about?

PP: I consider NeNe a good friend. We have not always been on the same page, however we have found a common ground of being like-minded, successful entrepreneurs and mothers of sons. When I needed a friend the most, she was there and I will always remember that. It is easy to find friends when life is going well, but it is the ones who are willing to support you during the storms that matter. During the months when my life was spinning out of control, NeNe called me every single day to see how I was doing despite her busy schedule. She sent encouraging text messages when she could not reach me. I was grateful that I had her and Porsha in my corner because they helped me through some of my most difficult days. What was going through your head when Kenya brought up the rumor?

PP: Well, in actuality it was Cynthia who brought up the rumor. I was disappointed that Cynthia, a fellow wife and mother, would be so insensitive to repeat such an absurd notion less than 24 hours following my husband’s incarceration and the drama that occurred with it. At no point have Cynthia and Peter ever reached out to check on me or my children. I was amazed that she was more interested in spreading a lie than supporting me as a woman and newly single mother. I guess the purported class she touts must have been on winter break, because that was the most classless thing I have ever witnessed.

As far as Kenya is concerned, I never expect much from her, but as always her obsessive interest in my life, plus her extreme actions and emotional state, further corroborate the affair between her and Apollo.


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