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A Lot of Questions

Episode 15:'s Associate Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

No. 3 - The Razor's Edge

Bryson, Bryson, Bryson... It seems like only yesterday NeNe was taking him to look at colleges and now he can't seem to stay out of trouble. While Peter may have a point that he's spent enough time in jail and NeNe should bail him out, it's hard not to side with NeNe's tough love approach. Especially since this is all over stealing two razors from Walmart. I think any mother would be mortified at that point, especially a very rich one such as NeNe Leakes. Maybe NeNe should set up a Scared Straight session for Bryson where Marlo just makes her Sheree-fight face and strange bird noises:


That's enough to set anyone on the straight and narrow.

No. 2 - Food Fight

Well, you knew a confrontation was coming over Kandi and Cynthia's comments about Kim. However I didn't think it would happen mid-lunch. Probably the most amusing thing about this fight was that fact that all the ladies seemed to keep eating throughout it. Kandi would say something, Sheree would indulge in a bite of pasta salad and then make her retort (and vice versa). It takes energy to battle it out with the Atlanta Housewives, so a little carbo loading is most definitely wise.

Phaedra once again proved to be the voice of reason here. When stuck in the middle of two friends' argument, don't get involved. Instead get involved with the food! You bet that if I had the choice of getting between Kandi and Kim or stuffing my face with a red velvet cupcake, I'd most certainly go the cupcake route.

No. 1 - A Lot of Questions

After week's of African adventures, we're back in Atlanta, back to reality, and back to Chateau Sheree. Or back to the site of Chateau Sheree, since the chateau part hasn't exactly materialized yet as Phaedra and Kandi learned when they swung by for a peek at the progress. (Side note: Phaedra and Kandi gabbing in the car together is priceless. Get these two on a road trip and let the cameras roll.) Sheree just needs to get Phaedra on the contractor's case again, and things will get back on track. As she pointed out the last time we checked in on Chateau Sheree, "Everybody knows a builder will tell you anything to get the check." What in the world has the builder been telling Sheree so far? Personally, I think Sheree should put the chateau on hold and focus on her original passion -- She by Sheree. It's been far too long since the last fashion show.

Next week things don't exactly go smoothly at Cynthia and Peter's anniversary when Cynthia's forced to shut down her sister.

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Kenya: "I Will Always Be a Queen"

Kenya Moore dishes on the truce with Phaedra Parks and the non apology from Porsha Williams.

The reunion represents closure on all levels. I believe most women need closure. Reunions are tough because you live through filming, then through seeing it on TV, and then again during the reunion. You can feel you have moved on from something difficult and then you have to discuss it and rehash it. I felt good about this reunion, because I have grown so much. I am stronger now and nothing or anyone can destroy me.

Speaking of opening old wounds, I was respectful toward Phaedra during the conversation, but it’s clear that after our truce, she still wants to call me a whore and liken me to other “whores in the bible.” God doesn’t like ugly. Maybe sitting alone on the sofa now is confirmation.

There was a part of me that was hopeful about getting an apology for being physically attacked at the last reunion, since that would mean the past was behind us. You have to own what you do wrong in life. Children are taught that you don’t hit anyone first or at all. Whether provoked or not, isolated incident or not, physically attacking someone is legally and morally incomprehensible. As such, doing the right thing should be easy. But this is the same person whose grandfather was a greatly respected civil rights activist who fought for non-violence, yet thinks the Underground Railroad was an actual train that took people to freedom.

In typical fashion, Phaedra attacks my character in a preplanned soliloquy. But in her own words, her “THOT” friend thinks that spreading your legs wide open and accepting gifts from married men is admirable. Yet, it’s basically teaching young girls that having a square card reader between your butt cheeks is how one becomes “blessed” and “successful.” That’s why I will always be a Queen, literally and figuratively, because when I am wrong, I can apologize, forgive, and move forward. I can love, though I have not always been loved, and I can be talented and successful on my own merit without needing men to finance my lifestyle, and I can be the bigger person when others try to bring me down.

Some viewers ask why there are single women on a show about Housewives. It’s simple -- every Real Housewife franchise has single women, from Beverly Hills to OC to NY to Atlanta. With that said, there are only two Housewives on RHOA that are currently not married, Claudia and myself. In fact, approximately 43 percent of all Black women have never been married. My journey is not unlike the many Black single women who watch our show. Nearly half of Black women want to be married and find true love but are not willing to settle or can’t find the right man. NeNe and her puppet would like everyone to think it’s better to be in a horrible marriage rather than be single.

Having said that, I have never received so much love from the viewers as when I was featured on The Millionaire Matchmaker. It made me realize is that I am no different from all the single women around the world looking for real love. My journey is their journey, and ultimately they want me to fall in love with them rooting me on. It happened for Kandi, Kim, Bethenny, Tamra, etc. and it will happen for me too with all of you by my side. Therefore, having single women as Housewives is good for the show. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. And we can inspire and give hope to those looking for love.

Rumor has it that someone said single women should be fired from RHOA. As such, we wouldn’t have witnessed the beautiful rekindling of NeNe and Gregg's love or her wedding special. Therefore, those people clearly didn't create the successful model for this show. If it's a play to get me fired... Try again. #CatchThatShade

Love Kenya,

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