Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia's favorite part of the Africa trip was the orphanage visit.

on Feb 14, 2012

Seriously, I was determined to use this 10-day vacation to enjoy some much needed "me" time, with no real expectations of anything. You know, let it do what it do. I was elated to go back to South Africa. I wanted soak up everything that African had to offer, and in return, give back offerings of my own. I embraced the culture with open arms. I dressed in African inspired clothing and jewelry, got my hair braided, and enjoyed a hot cup of healthy Rooibos red bush tea every morning.

Even though many things happened on our adventure, the only day that touched my soul was the day we went to visit the orphanage. As a mother myself with a 12-year old child, the day at the orphanage was by far the most fulfilling. It was truly the most genuine time that I have ever shared with the girls! Everyone's love, generosity, and compassion was overwhelming. It was the first time that I experienced firsthand how "enormous" each of these women are in their own special way. There were no Smalls that day, everyone was a Tall. I say this because the generosity that each of us displayed at the orphanage was big, elevated, soaring, towering, sky-scraping, and giant. Yes, we were giants, all of us. That day, those beautiful children gave each of us more than we could ever give them. Even buying out the whole store! You can't put a price tag on doing the right thing. It was a perfect day.