Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia clarifies her position on some of the hot topics from Part 1 of the reunion.

on Apr 16, 2012


I love beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags like everyone else. However, I do not put a lot of emphasis on who I wear and how much my clothes cost. If it's a label, it's a label. If it's not, it's not. With my new business, I do not have a huge budget for expensive designer goods. I am a big fan of vintage clothing! I love vintage pieces, because they are more affordable and original. I always try to make an effort to look nice and do the best I can.

BTW: I have nothing against labels, people who are not a fans of vintage clothing, or people that have huge budgets for expensive designer goods.


I chose to dress in African-inspired clothing when we went to South Africa, because it was just easier. Packing for a ten-day trip was challenging enough, and I was determined not to bring more than three suitcases. Once I decided my theme would be "Africa Girl," I thought braids would be a nice touch. What a blessing my braids were! I literally had zero hair maintenance. Looking back on Africa, I think I made the right choice. I looked good, I was comfortable, and I felt right at home.

BTW: I have nothing against people who pack more than three suitcases for a ten-day trip or people who choose not to have a dress theme for the country that they are visiting.

Sex Toys

I have a twelve- year-old daughter, and I do not feel comfortable discussing intimate details about my sex life publicly. Congrats to Kandi on the success of her sex toy line. I admire all smart business women!

BTW: I have nothing against people who feel comfortable publicly discussing intimate details about their sex lives, sex, or toys in general.