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Cynthia clarifies her position on some of the hot topics from Part 1 of the reunion.


I love beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags like everyone else. However, I do not put a lot of emphasis on who I wear and how much my clothes cost. If it's a label, it's a label. If it's not, it's not. With my new business, I do not have a huge budget for expensive designer goods. I am a big fan of vintage clothing! I love vintage pieces, because they are more affordable and original. I always try to make an effort to look nice and do the best I can.

BTW: I have nothing against labels, people who are not a fans of vintage clothing, or people that have huge budgets for expensive designer goods.


I chose to dress in African-inspired clothing when we went to South Africa, because it was just easier. Packing for a ten-day trip was challenging enough, and I was determined not to bring more than three suitcases. Once I decided my theme would be "Africa Girl," I thought braids would be a nice touch. What a blessing my braids were! I literally had zero hair maintenance. Looking back on Africa, I think I made the right choice. I looked good, I was comfortable, and I felt right at home.

BTW: I have nothing against people who pack more than three suitcases for a ten-day trip or people who choose not to have a dress theme for the country that they are visiting.

Sex Toys

I have a twelve- year-old daughter, and I do not feel comfortable discussing intimate details about my sex life publicly. Congrats to Kandi on the success of her sex toy line. I admire all smart business women!

BTW: I have nothing against people who feel comfortable publicly discussing intimate details about their sex lives, sex, or toys in general.


The one thing that all of us have in common is that we are mothers. My child means the world to me, and I would do anything to protect her. We signed up to expose our lives on reality TV, not our children. I would never be disrespectful or negative when it comes to my cast mates’ children. I would definitely take offense if I did not get the same respect. You come for my kid, all bets are off! Trust me, this is the one thing that we can all agree on. The kids are off limits!

BTW: I have nothing against mothers who have absolutely NOTHING in common with other mothers.


NeNe was an unknown when she started her journey as a Housewife of Atlanta. She has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and Glee. She has also hosted the red carpet for E! and too many other things for me to remember. There are many business/career opportunities that come her way every day, and she is busy working on them all. Isn't that the point of having this platform? In my opinion, she has done very well for herself. Reality TV can be very lucrative when used as a business opportunity. Ask Bethenny Frankel! Going from an unknown to a household name is no easy feat. I really do think NeNe looks great. She has totally transformed since first season.

BTW: I have nothing against people on reality TV that choose not to use the platform as a business opportunity, or people who think that it is easy to go from an unknown to a household name, or people that think NeNe has not transformed since the first season.Instigating

Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it, and we have all been guilty of this. Taking the "I am very rich" craziness to the other girls was only good for one thing, which is exactly what you saw -- mean girls gone wild! It went from there to having no teeth, rotten teeth, eating teeth, having no house, no furniture, and whatever else was said. Um, mission accomplished? Again, we have all been guilty of this, so I was not trying to single Kandi out. The question was directed to her, and I gave my opinion.

BTW: I have nothing against rich people, people that are in need of dental work, or people with small amounts of furniture in their home.

Tune in Thursday for Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. As always thank you for all the love and support!

Sending lots of love!

Cynthia Bailey

Twitter: @CynthiaBailey10

Phaedra: I Was Disappointed with Cynthia

Phaedra Parks weighs in on Cynthia Bailey's "classless" behavior. Why did you decide to perform an exorcism at the house? Do you think it helped?

Phaedra Parks: I was raised in the church. Both of my parents are pastors along with eight of my uncles. I believe in spirits and energy. The energy in my home was noticeably different so I wanted my Apostle to bless and tarry in our home in an effort to bring a renewed and positive energy into the house. Regardless of whether or not you believe doing such a thing actually works, it is a way for all of us to reset ourselves, let go of the negativity, and move forward with our lives. I know prayer changes things and calms the atmosphere. Following Apostle Canada's visit we rested better and there was a spirit of peace and tranquility in our home. We have begun the next chapter of our lives and are focused on the future. You and NeNe have grown a lot closer. How did that come about?

PP: I consider NeNe a good friend. We have not always been on the same page, however we have found a common ground of being like-minded, successful entrepreneurs and mothers of sons. When I needed a friend the most, she was there and I will always remember that. It is easy to find friends when life is going well, but it is the ones who are willing to support you during the storms that matter. During the months when my life was spinning out of control, NeNe called me every single day to see how I was doing despite her busy schedule. She sent encouraging text messages when she could not reach me. I was grateful that I had her and Porsha in my corner because they helped me through some of my most difficult days. What was going through your head when Kenya brought up the rumor?

PP: Well, in actuality it was Cynthia who brought up the rumor. I was disappointed that Cynthia, a fellow wife and mother, would be so insensitive to repeat such an absurd notion less than 24 hours following my husband’s incarceration and the drama that occurred with it. At no point have Cynthia and Peter ever reached out to check on me or my children. I was amazed that she was more interested in spreading a lie than supporting me as a woman and newly single mother. I guess the purported class she touts must have been on winter break, because that was the most classless thing I have ever witnessed.

As far as Kenya is concerned, I never expect much from her, but as always her obsessive interest in my life, plus her extreme actions and emotional state, further corroborate the affair between her and Apollo.


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