Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares all the things she's thankful for after such a crazy season.

on Apr 25, 2012

My health: I recently had a mammogram, and I do not have breast cancer. Praise God! I drove everyone around me crazy until the results came in. I had everything checked. Outside of being anemic, my overall health is very good. I do not take it for granted.

My daughter: Noelle continues to be the reason I will stop at nothing to give her the life I never had. Noelle you are so fearless, thank you for allowing me to be your mother. You validate me in ways you will never know.

My husband, Peter: For coming into my world. You have forever changed my life. I followed my heart, and you led me to Atlanta. Had I not fallen in love with you, I would not be a Real Housewife of Atlanta. I admire your strength and applaud your confidence. I know that you are my number one fan, and I am yours. I love you.

The Bailey Agency School of Fashion: Classes are full. This is my first business venture, and it is a success. I love teaching my students, and they inspire me way more than I could ever inspire them. Thank you Russell Simmons for your inspiration and support. Your friendship means everything.

South Africa: A trip of a lifetime. Thank you to the orphanage that we visited for reminding me how blessed I truly am. Being in South Africa taught me how to appreciate life again. I am grateful for everything!