Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares her story about coming to New York for the first time.

on Dec 13, 2011

I moved to Atlanta three years ago to be with my now husband, Peter Thomas. I was as excited to land at Hartsfield Jackson Airport three years ago, as I was when I landed at LaGuardia twenty-five years ago. I love New York, because it feeds my soul, and I love Atlanta, because it feeds my heart. New York will always be my first love, because that city made me who I am today. I will always need the balance of both. I have been so blessed, and try to bless others, because that’s how your blessings come back to you. I am human, and sometimes struggle to understand my feelings and choices that I have made in my life. I always have, and I always will, question things. The answers always come to me, and I always find my peace. 

Thank you, Kithe Brewster, for finally putting yourself first and losing weight. Thank you to the Duke diet program for showing Kithe the way. I am so proud of you. You are a good friend, and I want you around for a very long time. You inspire me to never settle and follow my heart. Thank you, Russell Simmons, for your continuous love and support. You are someone that I am proud to call my friend. Continue to spread wisdom and change the world. You are a gem! Thanks to Pebbles for naming my school The Bailey Agency and Russell for adding School of Fashion. Thank you to my husband Peter for always pushing me toward greatness and being by my side. Thank you, Noelle, for all your unconditional love. You make me want to run when I feel like crawling. Remember, never mind who is against you, just focus on who is with you!

Love you guys, 

Cynthia Bailey

Twitter: cynthiabailey10