Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia wants her sister to stay out of her marriage.

on Nov 28, 2011

NeNe: I have a great friendship with NeNe because she has been a good friend to me. I am a good friend to her as well. You can't force real friendships, you either connect or you don't. Even though we have different personalities, we have a lot in common. She is a funny, generous, smart woman. We both have our own dreams and goals and encourage each other to go for it! I think NeNe is great, and I love having her in my life.

Peter: I love Peter, and he loves me. Our relationship is not perfect, because we are not perfect. We don't not always agree on everything, but we have each other’s back 100%. He pushes me and I push him. Our love is not based on money or materialistic things. We have both had plenty of that. I choose love over money every time. It's just who I am, and make no apologies for it. I could be married to anyone right now, but I choose Peter because he makes me happy. As his wife, I support his vision and he supports mine. We balance each other and are a strong team. We both want to win.