Kandi Burruss

Kandi reveals how she became inspired to create an adult toy line.

on Nov 7, 2011

Well we’re back!  Every time a new season begins I always get this nervous feeling from wondering whether I’m going to look crazy on television, but luckily I’m on a show with a bunch of other crazy women to offset my own craziness!

This year we all had a lot going on. Kim has her new baby, Cynthia’s opening her modeling school, Phaedra’s going into the funeral home business, and of course I have my Bedroom Kandi business. I guess Phaedra’s funerals and my Bedroom Kandi seem to be the strangest to people, because they are totally outside of the scope of what we are known for.  Let me say first off that I’m not leaving the music business to only pursue and promote Bedroom Kandi. I just firmly believe that to gain and maintain financial wealth you should have multiple business ventures and investments.