Kandi Burruss

Kandi explains her comments about Marlo, Kim, and Sheree.

on Feb 20, 2012

I know that Kim wouldn’t have gone on that trip, because she has been avoiding NeNe for over a year. It would have taken a million dollars to get her to come on a trip where she was stuck for a whole week in close proximity to NeNe. On top of that she hates long flights. She always says she’s claustrophobic. Kim won’t even get on an elevator. She always takes stairs and gets rooms on lower floors, so I don’t see her on the 18-hour flight it takes to get there. As for me saying I don’t see her at the orphanage, no, I don’t. She may disagree, but that’s my opinion. Kim claims to be a germaphobe. The orphanage didn’t have any soap, the water wasn’t really running, and you could smell a strong urine scent, because a lot of the kids’ diapers had not been changed. I just don’t see her being the type to be there. Not that Kim wouldn’t help. I think she would help with giving donations to get them what they need, but I don’t see her doing physical help. In my mind, saying these things is not me talking badly about Kim, it’s me being realistic about Kim. We all have friends that we know may be good for some things, but not good for other things. When I made my comments on the safari, Phaedra was laughing. She didn’t seem to think I said anything bad. Sheree even agreed that Kim wouldn’t want to come with all the tension between her and NeNe. So it through me for a loop when she made it seem like I didn’t think Kim would want to be in Africa because she didn’t want to hold black babies. Crazy!

OK let me move on. NeNe was killing me with this whole “Kim is the Smalls’ boss” mess. No one in the Smalls leads the other. We all have our own opinions and are not easily influenced. She also says that we think she is the leader of the Talls, and that they do what she says. Well I don’t think she’s the leader of the Talls, because I do not think that Marlo follows her, but after watching this last episode, I might agree she’s the leader of Cynthia. Well let me use a better choice of words, because everyone is so sensitive in this bunch. She may not lead Cynthia, but she definitely seems to influence Cynthia. Cynthia said that the Smalls seem nicer when NeNe isn’t around, but I think it’s just that when NeNe is not there, Cynthia is more open with us.

I’ll end on this. I meant what I said at the table. I’m a BOSS, and I follow no one. Love it or hate it!

Much Love,

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