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Father Figure

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Father Figure

Brielle's speech about Kroy proved that he was the man of Kim's dreams.

I went through a bunch of emotions watching this episode, so let's talk!
I met with Sheree to catch up and have lunch to have some girl talk. We get together more than I do with any of the other ladies, because although we had our fight in the past, Sheree and I have remained VERY close! After all, I am forever in debt to her for introducing me to Kroy. Who would have thought the same girl who tried to snatch my wig off would help me meet my husband. Thanks, Sheree!
Let's talk about my baby shower.
Brielle's speech makes me tear up every time I watch it! I can't describe how important my girls are to me, and if they didn't like Kroy, it would be a deal breaker for sure! For Brielle to publicly announce to me, our family, and most of all Kroy that she looks up to him as a father really reaffirmed to me that he is the one! Kroy from day one has always been incredible to my girls, making them a priority, including them on all our dates, (we didn't have a date night aside from our first one without the girls for months), painting their nails, helping with homework, etc. I could go on and on. Now single mothers, you all know when dating that men do things to impress you and the children, and at times it may not be genuine with regards to the kids. It's more or less just a way to get closer to their mom. Kroy was never that way. I saw from the very beginning how sincere he was and how much my girls meant to him. The fact that Cynthia and Peter came twenty minutes before it was over, without a gift, (for the record, Kroy and I gave Cynthia and Peter a card with cash for their wedding, because I knew that she was having financial problems and could use the cash rather than a gift), and then Peter started some ridiculous fight was more of an insult than not showing up at all! It's obvious Peter had an ulterior motive walking in there, because he said, "I hope we don't get kicked out." I mean, if you’re coming to have a good time and enjoy yourself, why would I kick you out? Hmm.
I'm not mad at Apollo, because he was defending his wife. I would want Kroy to do the same for me, but Peter took the whole argument to another level and as a wife, Cynthia should have kept her man in check! But if you haven't noticed, Cynthia doesn't speak unless she has permission from NeNe, so it came as no surprise that she didn't say anything to Peter. The whole fight was classless, tacky, and disrespectful. I mean, my grandparents were a table away and my kids (and other children) were around. I certainly will not be inviting Peter or Cynthia to anything else!
Until next week,
Kim Biermann