Kim Zolciak

Kim explains why she wanted to have KJ circumcised.

on Dec 2, 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! Kroy, the kids, and I really needed this break. I didn't cook, instead we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Killer Creek, in Alpharetta and Traci Bloom from Top Chef cooked us an amazing meal. Kroy had to work most of the day, so it worked out great not having to cook and clean up. I was able to enjoy the kids all day and then head out to eat. A perfect Thanksgiving it was! I am so thankful for the many things I have been blessed with. I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday as well.
I really appreciated Phaedra coming over to my house and apologizing to me for Apollo's behavior at my baby shower! I like Phaedra, and I respect her for coming over with an "I'm sorry" gift. I really felt her apology was genuine and sincere. As for Cynthia, I have not gotten a call from her or Peter. It just shows the different level of class each couple has. But Peter and Cynthia have never tried to act like they had any, so I don't know why I expected some. Silly Kim! Moving on!