Kim Zolciak

Kim talks about the big wedding day with Kroy.

on Nov 17, 2011

NeNe's going around saying she's "very rich" and Cynthia wants to stick up for NeNe all day long, because she knows if she doesn't she could get attacked and her friendship contract would be revoked.
Cynthia barely knows NeNe! Cynthia hasn't seen her true colors. But in due time, NeNe's going to snap at Cynthia just like she has with everyone else. NeNe's acting is going to wear off eventually. Did NeNe say, "Kim and Sheree are hating on me"? What is there to hate on? Please let me know. And Cynthia, why are you still talking about DJ Tracy? I'm married with a newborn! Why is my relationship with Tracy still on your mind? Seriously, find yourself some business or better yet, work on your own marriage.

Watching the scene with Sheree and her son hit home for me. I feel bad watching Sheree discuss how her ex-husband isn't involved in her son's life. I was in that position for a long time with my girls, and it's hard because children need both of their parents. I think it's very important, but that's no longer a problem with Kroy in the picture.