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NeNe Leakes

Who's the Boss?

NeNe is still convinced that Kim is the boss of the Smalls.

February 21, 2012

I met up with Marlo to talk about all the gossip that was going on with Charles and found it was unnecessary to bicker over lies! They dropped her because she was no good for the plan they thought they had. They were doing what haters do, being envious, conspiring, and trying to figure out a way to bring you down! They wanted so badly to have me and Marlo fight over a man I was NEVER involved with sexually! They were down with her! Yes, I've heard about Marlo's past, and everybody has one. Some worse than others, but she treats me nicely, so I see no need to not do the same for her!

As far as Kim not coming to Africa because of tension between me and her, it's all lies. I've been in the same room as Kim a few times, and I give her nothing! I haven't spoken to Kim in two years and have no plans to.

The medicine man said my husband was a good man. I believe that! Gregg is a good person, which is why I married him, but a good man doesn't always equal a good husband. I know what I've been through!

Lies and Gossip
Lies and Gossip NeNe refuses to let any of the girls' comments bring her down. February 21, 2012637 Comments The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 / Episode 5 / NeNe Leakes



NENE you are right with your son I wish I had the insight to do the same with MY son, but I didn't, so another thing I think your envious of KIM. You want what she has WE ALL DO. It's a woman thing!!! SO get over it NENE , and NENE YOUR A FRONT, MISS HIGH WANT TO BE CLASS. You have not come up that much. STOP, GOD DON'T like what your doing!!!

NeNe, you are great! A lot like myself, you speak your mind, and hold your ground. Keep up the good work! The reunion was great! Once again you said what you had to say, and stood your ground.

Nene thanks for standing your ground; the other ladies kiss the ground that Kim walks on and she is nothing for anyone to look up to. Sheree, Phaedra and Kandi feel that if they are not Kim's friend they will suffer in some way. Yes Kim has money but look how she got it, ill gotten gains. Since at the onset of the show Nene was not as wealthy as the rest of the housewives that is why they put her down put her down. Sheree is still the same old bitter evil woman and least desirable housewife. Kim is still looking for' prince charming' someone to take care of her; is she delusional or what a younger man and a not so famous football player at that.

Nene you're great.

I think Ne-Ne is the best housewife of Atlanta. She is faboulous and my favorite house wife by far! I love her style! I love the fact that she is out spoken and tells it like it is and many don't like her for that reason along because real recognize fake!! Go Ne-Ne keep doing what you do. You have a lot of admirers. Love you!!

Remember how u stood up for Sweetie, on the tour bus (Kandi's), telling Kim not to talk to her like that well Sweetie, it appears, got the knife in the back from Kim and her daughters. If she is still friends with Kim I would be really surprised. U tried to help her but I hope now she sees the light.

NeNe you are a valuable asset to BRAVO I am so glad they chose you as a housewife.


I can't believe people are taking what a witch doctor said seriously!!!! Take it from an African like me three quarters of the things they say are lies, the other quarter is general knowledge, because they know the general problems people suffer in society so they use that to trick u into telling them exactly what's wrong with u, Nene did great I think although if you keep complaining about the smalls then you're just like them that keep talking about you. Silence is the best answer for a fool, so just do you, ignore them don't give them your time and publicity by making them a discussion topic in your conversations. Live your life, talk about you and your life don't mind the rest. you will be just fine

You are my favorite of the Atlanta wives. I'm so happy you got the part on glee!! I can't stand Sheree and Kim always twisting things to make you look bad. Then Sheree wants to be a actress and Kim a pop star(HAHAHAHA) and you go with out any need to brag about yourself and get a spot on CELEBRITY apprentice and then a HIT show like GLEE!!! Whose the real talent now. Sheree is sooo jealous and you can see it in every sneaky move she makes. You're the best!!

First, I want to say that Marlo dresses very nice; however, it does seem like every time she goes somewhere she is always talking about the different designers that she has on. I understand where Kandi is coming from when she says that Marlo talks about her clothes all the time but do I think that Kandi is hating on Marlo absolutely NOT!


After watching episode about you and your son I was very inspired to write in. This situation is whats wrong with young black men. They mess up and their mama's rescue them. Nene DID THE RIGHT THING by leaving him there and leaving it up to THE LAW to decide when he gets out. He didnt kill anyone, so they wasnt going to keep him there forever.

I am very proud of Nene for doing the right thing.

Nene I have always seen Ms Sherree as a very wicked person and she was never your friend, never was Kim ever your friend I realized that season 1.

You have been my favorite person, since the beginning; however, I think that you are starting to do some really petty stuff, lately. As for Marlo, she does have very nice things; however, people who have money don't talk about what they have ALL of the time. Just wear what you wear, without all of the name dropping. For the most part, the viewing public doesn't reall give a darn about it. There are some things that you all wear sometimes that people are interested in; but get over it. When you joined her in the "Let's take a bunch of BS to Africa" drama, it really made you look extremely superficial. I love your look, especially during your narratives. NeNe, don't bring down your own career, because you dealing with someone that acts foolish. Help her to change, don't let her bring you down.

Just one question: Who helped you and Marlo pack for this trip???? Why you ladies need help packing for home??? Is it that critical???? Ghetto Chicks of the year, NeNe n Marlo!!!!!

I'm glad you are NOT bailing him out he needs to learn.
he has taken advantage of your love, caring and generosity for too long and needs to grow up. I think he may have a pot problem, if so he has 30 days to clean up. I would have him drug tested. Often, if he wants anything from you.
If he can stay clean,
his situation should improve. He is not a little kid anymore.

TOUGH LOVE is the right way now...GOOD JOB!!!!!

His lazyness is hard to watch. You, me and everyone else has to work and be productive, why should he get a pass? I'm glad you will not make excuses for him. He can man up and pay his own way.

Ok Now I know what Sheree job is to do on the show is to go back and tell everything people say when they are not around. How old is she. SHEREE IS JEALOUS OF ALL YOU LADYS!!!!!!

Love you on GLEE. You are great. I hope they expand your role and you become a regular.

You need a serious attitude adjustment lady, it isn't all about you, and you aren't
all that!

NeNe, I think you are doing what you need to do and you show show class not saying some of the other ladies don't. I will say that I hope no one gives Sheree a second thought because this season she wants to stir the pot and be the center of drama because she want's to be on Glee too (LOL). She wants the fame and she see's your success.

Please dont listen to Stupid Peter's advice, Let him rot in Jail..and that's tough love.

ne ne i think you where to hard on your son it is to many yong black men lock up and should not be. you should check and see what the problem is with him. some thing has to be going on with him. don't throw him to the wolves i can see you love your son and some times it get hard and you just want him to wake up.

NeNe...u remind me of me...i love u!!! I think that I am ur number one fan...from ur very first appearance on the show I knew u were keepin it real!!! Without u on the show it would be so dry. I can be honest that I didn't like Marlo at the beginin but I see that she to keeps it real also and with both of u guys together the other girls will always have something to say so just take it as compliments whether it's good r bad...they just want to be invited in u guys circle. And NeNe u need to check and school ur friend Cynthia playing both sides of the fence...she don't realize that the rest of the girls are not genuine when it comes to havin a friendship with her...Cynthia really adores and looks up to u so steer her in the right directions because Lords knows she needs it. I think that u made a good parental descision when it came to ur son Bryson when he was locked up in jail...remember ur first instincts is ur best one...Peter needs to get himself together before givin advice to someone else for example: his relationship with his wife and her family...wasn't he the one that wasn't as suppportive to his wife with her new venture with her business??? NeNe...continue to be u and continue to get underneath those HATERS skins!!!

Nene.. concentrate on yourself and your so called "Talls".. why you worried about it? It's obivious you miss Kim, stop hatin'..start appreciatin'

Love you NeNe. keep doing what your doing. I loved last episode when you told Kandi like it was at the dinner table in South Africa...yes honey she didn't understand anything you were saying because she took your words as a direct attack on her but really you were trying to open her eyes and let her SEE her "friend" Sheree for who she really is...a loser.

I hope Bryson gets it together, I understand why you let him stay in jail for a while to teach him a lesson he has not been learning. I love my mom for teaching me some tough lessons because I can say today I am a better person than what I would have been if I did whatever I wanted too.

NeNe, you are a little loud and aggressive sometimes, but you make good tv because of it, so I guess that's why Bravo likes you and that low class snob What I believe all of you Real Housewives did in Africa is bring a lot of ridicule. There was an astonishing lack of class, ruddiness and a lot of ignorance. You and Marlo looked like giant fools in your high heals and designer wear. Instead of really seeing, exploring and enjoying your amazing surroundings, you acted like a bunch of stupid school girls worries more about what you were wearing than anything else. With the exception of the visit to the orphanage you all looked pathetic. You bring shame down upon yourselves.

I hope you and Marlo (especially Marlo) gave "BLUE EYES" a great tip. It was disgusting how Marlo treated that young lady.

Team Nene that's all I have to say

Nene I know you are a smart women & I think you and Kim should be friends:)

I love NENE, she is so real and she does not allow what that have to say about define who she is. You go girl, keep being you.

Nene Nene Nene, I swear if you didn't do the breakdown on the REAL women you'd have nothing to talk about. You think you're all that but I hate to tell you AIN' T all that. The more I watch you the uglier you get, poor poor lady, get a life why doncha.

Nene, if you didnt have any haters, then your doing something wrong. I know cause when I walk into a room not only do I own it, I clear it LOL. Your friend looked stupid brining all of that sh... to Africa where people are starving. What was the purpose for that. She's not use to having anything. And I'm also 5"'10 and i love my heels and bags, clothes. And Cynthia is like mums the word when your around. And Way2Messy said it all. Check yourself Ms. NeNe.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why you brought Marlo along to Africa. Was it for that "gotcha" moment at the airport? Was it fear of not having any company on the trip? Just makes no sense. Of all the people you could associate with that could be positive role models, you pick a woman who has been arrested seven times, and does nothing but prance around and brag about herself. She's just awful. Why don't you move along into positive things?

And, what's this business about you cashing a Trump check? Yup, we thought it all went to charities not participants. What's up with that? Are times really that tough?

NeNe "Keeping It Real" Leakes....LOVE YA!!! Keep on keeping it 100% despite what the other women have to say! I love that you've got Sheree's number and don't mind calling her out on her lies and two-faced ways! She is the least favorite of most people because of the way she carries herself. I love that you are so real and honest. Don't change that for anyone, ever!

I would never give this show a 2nd thought , If Nene was not on it.

Team Nene !

so glad u on the show or I wouldn't watch

How is it that you cashed a check from Donald? Any and all money made on that show goes to charity. If you cashed a check that was marked for charity there should soon be a mug shot of you soon to compare to the one of Marlo.

love you nene you keep it real and you say it like it is , don't let the money a fame change who you are just stay as the funny loving nene ...

Bravo probably won't post, they post most negative post to make you think you are not loved but you are!

Team Nene!!!
Its funny how many people come to your blog and say you are too negative, while they are posting negative things to you, HYPOCRITES! Congratulations on all your success. The show would be nothing with out you. You are a beautiful woman with class; don’t listen to the hater’s here. There are way TOO many of us that DO LOVE YOU NENE!

Why are you so obsessed with Kim? Is it because you are jealous? If you did not care about her, you should not have said anything about her. But you are so jealous, it is killing you. Look, even the medicine man said you were unhappy. You tried to spin it but you know it is true. If you were happy with your own life, you would not be obsessed with Kim and all your possessions. Wearing tight dresses and high heels in Africa was crazy. That orphanage was poor and needed love and supplies....not an example of low fashion!

nene you are just low class,anyway you put it. don't spend all your money to get people to blog good things about are just a BIG hater,you are invious of everyone,BADBADBAD. Marlo has you beat.

That witch doctor in Africa called you out. You are not happy. It is very clear that you are miserable and you take it out on everyone around. Change yourself and maybe you will be happy with who you are. Quit being so darn mean spirited.

Watching Marlo handle her designer duds shows quite a lot about her personality. There is almost a compulsion to show and tell what she has acquired. Marlo is really quite interesting...if you are not involved with her.
That hotel room with all her shoes spread around speaks volumns about her core values. Me thinks you wanted the smalls to see what you were dealing with Nene. You knew that over the top presentation would get them talking and you were right. All the ladies have the means to purchase designer labels but Marlo takes it too a whole new level.
Perhaps Marlo should go to Rome where she can meet some of the fame designers she craves so desperately. Atlanta meets Italia would be a great show for all the ladies.

I'm a big fan of the show. As someone sitting on the outside looking in, I of course have had many opinions about the ladies, some good, some not so good. Honestly, it's not reasonable to believe that you can put 6 or 7 females together and they will blend perfectly 100% of the time. When the ladies are keeping it real and being their true self, with no ulterior motives, they're a great group. I do however have problems with all the "run tell dat" that goes on, I think this behavior is encouraged by the producers to induce the drama we all love to hate. It keeps people watching, picking sides and keeps the ratings up. All in all, I like this show and admire the fact that these women are doing what ever they need to do to get where they want to be in life. Few are born into great wealth, and lets face it, we didn't all go to college and acquire a golden degree that guarantees great wealth. So, to the ladies of TRHOA, I say, do your thing girls! Also, I'm a little confused on Marlo's standing in the community. I remember early on someone described her as a "socialite", for a definitive purpose, I guess that was sort of accurate but, here is a little education in etiquette for her "Nouveau Riche" behind, the rest of the ladies...your cool!
Break the nouveau riche stereotype. "Nouveau riche" is an often derogatory term used to describe the upper class people who don't come from a wealthy family and achieved their fortune through work, not heritage. You may get looked down upon just for the fact that previous generations in your family were not wealthy. It's a sad fact of life; however, it can be diminished by not acting like the stereotypical new money fellow. Noveau riche tend to be more extravagant in appearances, but it is understandable, because they automatically link opulence with happiness; but in time, the second, third, and so on generations who grew up with wealth tend not to find it that important. Don't be too enthusiastic about your possessions; for true upperclassmen, wealth is something they got used to, therefore they don't think about it too much. Be modest and don't brag about your belongings. Better yet, don't mention prices at all.

Spend your money wisely. Don't rush into buying opulent stuff, just because you can afford it; have a little Class. Don't show off your economic status by being as extravagant as possible; you will only end up looking ridiculous and proving that you have no experience whatsoever in being rich. To summarize, don't be a total snob.

nene u are the only real woman on the show, and u own it.anyone who says anything negative about u isn't real and fake like the household watches the show because of u.u make us laugh.Do u miss NeNe


I would NEVER watch this show if you left. Team Ne Ne!

I for one applauded you, as you have shown tremendous personal growth and maturity as you have moved through the seasons. It appears to me that you have reflected on your past behavior and decisions, and learned from them. We are all human, we live, we show our tails, we throw shade, we learn from our past mistakes and move on. That is life. I commend you for popping your collar and keeping it moving.

be honest now, okay nene? just tell us. the viewing public needs to know. so here's the question on everyones mind...would YOU like you? would YOU have nice things to say about you? have YOU seen how you behave? speak? holler? boast? you're really kinda awful. ps, just how handicapped are you? ...i mean it's a functioning level, but not much more than that, right?

If kim is the boss of the smalls. Then Nene is the boss of the larges

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