Phaedra Parks

Phaedra talks about her first trip to Africa.

on Feb 24, 2012

Those who watched the Africa episodes experienced the numerous heartfelt moments. I hope and think that we all enjoyed the trip. While we did have some disagreements, we were all able to find common ground in appreciating our lives and the many things we take for granted. I hope that our experience will spark the interest in traveling abroad. Initially, I had hoped that we would be able to visit both Ghana and South Africa, but it was not feasible. Africa is a large continent and to those wishing to visit, I would definitely recommend Ghana as well as South Africa as destinations. It is my hope that I can share the beauty of Africa with my entire family in the near future. Africa is such a vast continent with such a rich heritage that trickles down to the many different cultures we have today. I hope that all the people who have inquired about visiting Africa will have the opportunity to do so. Life is a journey; may God always guide your footsteps!