Phaedra Parks

Phaedra gives us a lesson in all things donklicious.

on Apr 12, 2012

Throughout society, women have become obsessed with everything that is truly not normal; being rail thin, having stomachs as flat as a washboard, and hair longer and thicker than a horse’s tail. Everyone seems to want exactly what they cannot have. If we all looked the same, we would be fembots rather than women. Hence my celebration of the donkey booty is an ode to every woman who ever thought something about her body was imperfect. Being different can be beautiful. I love every woman who proudly embraces her curves and realizes six packs are for colas, not abdominal muscles. There is something to be said for being secure with who you are and celebrating what God gave you. None of us will ever be the prettiest, smartest, or thinnest at every moment in our lives but we can all be confident in our own space and body. Everybody knows only a dog wants a bone! So when I say, “Let me see your donkey,” I am really saying, “You go, girl, rock it! You're beautiful!"

In closing, I want to personally thank everyone who tuned in this season with an open mind and gave us the opportunity to share our lives with you. To my fellow Housewives, none of us are perfect, but we are all courageous in allowing the world to witness our personal triumphs and most vulnerable moments. God speed until next season!


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