Sheree Whitfield

Sheree dishes on all the Africa adventures.

on Feb 28, 2012

During the dinner with the Talls, Marlo mentions that I should Google her and check her record. Umm, that's not a good thing or even something anyone should be proud of especially under the circumstances. Go figure.

Anyway, the dinner with Kevin and his friends was an absolute breath of fresh air! I loved the drummer, the fire throwers, everyone was super nice with good energy, the house was beautiful, and the food was delicious. They really went out of their way to ensure we had a great time. Thanks again, Kevin!

The next day we head to Shamwari, and boy are we all beat! The property was so beautiful and at any moment you could see a monkey sitting on the roof or some of the other animals just breeze by. It was very peaceful and serene. After that debacle with Marlo, at this point I just wanted to enjoy my surroundings, appreciate the experience, and see what South Africa had to offer.

It was kind of cool that Kandi, Phaedra, and I picked the rooms we wanted. The rooms were really nice. We would stay up talking for hours or watching movies usually in Phaedra's room. I tell you, hanging out with the Smalls is a bunch of laughs!