Sheree Whitfield

Sheree dishes on her confrontation with NeNe.

on Nov 9, 2011

Now on to Episode 1. I guess you want to know how it all began. A really good friend of mine, Charlie Mack, contacted me about an appearance for a charity event in Philly. He asked if I could work with any of the other Housewives. So I said yes, if I’m getting paid, I could work with anyone! So I reached out to NeNe’s girl who does her bookings. I asked if she was available on that date and what her rate was. I forwarded all of the info to Charlie, and he said it was a done deal. 

I then started getting calls from NeNe and her friend who books her appearances. She asked me about the details surrounding the event, like whose event it actually was, who contacted me, etc. They then go on to say that NeNe actually knows the guy (Tyrone) whose charity weekend it was. Then they said that NeNe would deal directly with him. I said OK, no problem. Later that day I got calls from Charlie saying, "Whoa, your girl NeNe is really tripping, she’s on some other ish.” To elaborate, NeNe called Tyrone several times complaining about him booking me for the amount I was being paid, all the while on speakerphone, obviously unbeknownst to her. She stated that since he knew her first, he should have booked me through her! She went on to say that he shouldn’t pay me the agreed upon rate, because she could have gotten me for a much lower rate, which would have created more money for her. She was saying that she should make the most out of all of us yada yada yada!

Excuse me? You are getting the monetary amount you asked for. Why would you try to stop or get in the way of someone else? What’s the problem? Why would she feel the need to do this? Greed, envy, jealousy… This info comes from someone whom I’m very close to and I consider him to be one of my dear, loyal, and trustworthy friends, Charlie Mack. I was actually going to call him as well, but NeNe took off before I could! I wonder why? The funny thing is I felt that there could be some truth to what Charlie was saying, because I have experienced this type of undermining, manipulating behavior in the past from NeNe.