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The Art of Seduction

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NeNe Explains the Wig

Phaedra: I Was Hoping Apollo Wouldn't Create a Scene

The Art of Seduction

Episode 6:'s Assistant Editor counts down the top three moments.

No. 3 - Catching Jewels

Oh Russell Simmons, you are a delight. He really is all over the place though, and Cynthia wasn't kidding when she said that you have to work to keep him on topic. And on the topic of Cynthia's modeling school Russell had some good advice -- broaden it to a fashion school. However the best part of the whole interaction was how Russell needed to be certain that Cynthia acknowledged this sage wisdom with what may be my knew favorite line: "I just threw you a jewel. Did you catch it?" I will most certainly be saying this whenever I dispense advice from now on. No. 2 - Psychic Rose!

Little KJ is adorable, and I loved the Kim and Kroy montage at the end of the episode showing how Kim ended up with not one, but two new men in her life. The most incredible part of it though was the flashback to Kim's visit with Psychic Rose from Season 2. She predicted KJ's birth! How crazy is that? I think Psychic Rose needs to visit Andy in the Bravo Clubhouse and do a live reading on Watch What Happens Live. All the other Housewives' psychics (and there are a suprising number of them) better step up their game. No. 1 - Mixing Business and Pleasure

Where to begin with NeNe's business lunch/date? What was happening here? Was John really trying to seduce NeNe or does he just do this with all of his new business partners? What was with all the gifts? A pen, Louboutins (how did he know her shoe size?), and...a small, older, Italian gentleman delivering an impromptu opera performance? Who was this man? Was he related to John? How does one react to all of this?

I realize that entire paragraph is full of questions, but I was just so mystified by the whole scene. And frankly I think NeNe was too.