The BAM! Squad

Episode 1:'s Assistant Editor counts down the top three moments.

Nov 6, 2011

No. 2 – “A Grown Up Lady Conversation”

Now I tend to prefer the odd and funny moments (or anything having to do with a wig), but sometimes the fights just cannot be ignored. Such was the case with Sheree’s plan to have a “grown up lady conversation” with NeNe over an appearance booking Sheree was miffed about. Long story short, Sheree had the event planner on the phone, NeNe had Diana on the phone, and the “conversation” quickly turned into a shouting match. Sheree threw around some accusations that NeNe had to get her teeth fixed because they were rotten and that her car was repossessed from a Home Depot parking lot. NeNe said it was Sheree who didn’t have any money and had her car repossessed. And both of them threatened violence in their interviews. Needless to say, the issue remained unresolved.

One more thing to note: That event planner needs a special shout out for announcing that he couldn’t hear the ladies anymore over all the noise as all hell broke loose in the restaurant.