The BAM! Squad

Episode 15:'s Associate Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Mar 4, 2012

No. 3 - The Razor's Edge

Bryson, Bryson, Bryson... It seems like only yesterday NeNe was taking him to look at colleges and now he can't seem to stay out of trouble. While Peter may have a point that he's spent enough time in jail and NeNe should bail him out, it's hard not to side with NeNe's tough love approach. Especially since this is all over stealing two razors from Walmart. I think any mother would be mortified at that point, especially a very rich one such as NeNe Leakes. Maybe NeNe should set up a Scared Straight session for Bryson where Marlo just makes her Sheree-fight face and strange bird noises:

That's enough to set anyone on the straight and narrow.