Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia reacts to the butt dial drama.

on Nov 27, 2012

Let's redial:

Phaedra exchanges numbers with a friend of NeNe's.
Phaedra BUTT dials NeNe's friend.
Phaedra has random conversation where my name comes up.
NeNe's friend mentions the BUTT dial to NeNe.
NeNe's friend sends the BUTT dial to NeNe.
NeNe meets me for lunch.
NeNe plays the BUTT dial for me.

As my friend, of course I would expect NeNe to pass this information on to me, regardless of how I decided to deal with it. I would have done the same for her. NeNe knows that I am a regular at Phaedra's events, so it was good for me to know that she felt this way. I was never angry at Phaedra about the BUTT dial, BUTT I did want to talk to her about it, because I felt like she didn't value my support. Also I wanted her to know that I knew she felt this way, because I was already starting to feel funny about attending her upcoming events. Since this was the first time we BUTTed heads, I thought she deserved to know why my BUTT was all of a sudden on ice. No drama, big girl style. The two of us would sit our BUTTS down with a cocktail and talk. This was the perfect opportunity for Phaedra to fess up, apologize, and walk her donkey booty off into the sunset. Was I bugging? Or did this chick really bug out on me!?

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Cynthia Bailey

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