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Cynthia's a "Glam-Aunt"

Cynthia congratulates Bryson, NeNe, and Phaedra.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Let's get to it, but first let me play catch-up! It's been a while since my last blog.

Bye Bye Anguilla!

I love Anguilla and already miss the island! Peter and I got a chance to relax and spend some quality time together. I think all the couples (well, almost all) had a nice time as well and really appreciated us setting up the trip. Although we had our fair share of drama, I do feel like some of us got a chance to bond with each other. I personally always enjoy a good girls’ trip, but I have to say that I was excited that our men came along as well. We are all very busy running our empires (however big or small LOL!), and a little "fun in the sun getaway" is great for any relationship. It was awesome to see everyone so relaxed and happy. Thanks again you guys for making this such a memorable trip!

NeNe and Kandi - The Talk!

Let me be the first to say how happy I was for NeNe and Kandi to sit down like grown women and discuss their issues with each other. I have spent time with both of these ladies, and I really never understood exactly why they had an issue with each other. I wasn't trying to be messy by telling NeNe how Kandi felt. I wanted her to know, because I hoped it would actually prompt NeNe to sit down with Kandi and talk it out. That's exactly what happened! I was clear with NeNe that Kandi did not say any of this in a mean spirited way, but these were Kandi's feelings. I thought their conversation was fun, to the point, and productive. I was excited to see them squash it and move on!Kenya - The Book You Have No Idea!

Although I didn't invite Kenya to Anguilla (she invited herself and Kandi co-signed for her), I made every effort to be cordial to her. I even gave her a pass when I found out that she "backed that thang up" all over Peter’s genitalia! LOL!  I was also genuinely excited to see that Peter invited Kenya and all of the couples to the vow renewal. I honestly felt like Kenya was happy for me, and she also seemed touched by the ceremony. Rewind. Clearly we got off on the wrong foot at the JET casting, and I honestly thought that I had seen the last of her until Kandi invited her to our brunch. Once it became clear to me that she had befriended some of the other ladies, I knew that we would occasionally bump into each other. Just because Kenya and I didn't hit it off in the beginning didn't mean that I was closed to some kind of reconciliation down the road when the time was right.

When Kenya gave me the book by Vanessa Williams at the beach, I was a little surprised! I was still on cloud nine after the vow renewal and honestly thought that we were in a good place at this point. BFFs no, cool yes! As soon as Kenya gave me my book/gift, I knew immediately that it was not with kind intentions. It was basically an attempt to "read" me and embarrass me in front of everyone, because of the Miss America comment I made at the Let Your Success Flow party. Here's the good news: I love books and always consider them to be great gifts. I live for a good read! However, since I had already chatted with Vanessa Williams personally about my upcoming pageant, the book did not prove to be very useful. I guess even in this situation, it's the thought that counts! Now the bad news: no one at the table really cared or entertained Kenya's "mean girl moment," and once again she failed get the attention she seems to so desperately want.

BTW "Beyonce," had I known that you were going to gift me a book on the trip, I would have returned the favor. Have you ever read He's Just Not That into You?NeNe Does Hollywood!

NeNe and I are friends. We love and support each other in all our endeavors as friends. I threw her a girls’ goodbye brunch because I am so proud of her. The ladies had a great time together, and everyone seemed genuinely happy for NeNe. I believe that my friend will do extremely well in Hollywood, because she is a smart, talented, and hardworking. NeNe sets goals for herself and works her butt off to accomplish them. I respect and admire that. NeNe has been there for me through thick and thin. I will always be there for my girl.

Tune in next week to RHOA at 8 PM on Bravo. I appreciate and love you guys!

Cynthia Bailey

Congratulations to Bryson! Bri’Asia is beautiful! I'm a Glam-Aunt!

Congratulations to NeNe and Gregg! Happy engagement (again)! LOL!

Congratulations to Phaedra and Apollo! Babies are always a blessing!

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Claudia: I Felt Good About the Reunion

Claudia Jordan shares her thoughts on NeNe Leakes' breakdown and the reunion as a whole. What was going through your mind when NeNe walked off?
Claudia Jordan: Well the reunion was quite an experience. When NeNe walked off, initially I wasn't sure what was going on to be honest. But I did notice she seemed to be trembling, so I knew she was definitely feeling something very real to her. I just didn't know what set her off at that point. So at first I was a little taken back. I had never seen her cry, but we are all human and everyone has their breaking point. Do you think NeNe had a real breakthrough?
CJ: I honestly did think at that moment she really did. Her demeanor was different afterwards. And I even heard from her after the show. That to me was a good sign that perhaps we could all really move forward and start fresh. I know I'm always open to squash some beef, especially if it's nothing deep rooted and something surface. I don't see why not. But like I said on the show, we all have a story and things that we have had to deal with and overcome. I think we need to not think our problems are bigger than the next woman's and respect one another's struggles -- whether we think they are major or minor. One woman's problems are not more important than the rest. And I think if we can all learn to be sensitive to the next woman, then we are on our way. Hopefully that moment was the catalyst for change in NeNe and in others as well. Do you feel like everyone ended the reunion in a better place?
CJ: I'd like to think so. I do think some will probably never be open for change and are just stuck in their own way, while others really took advantage of the opportunity to take something from it all. I'm not going to worry about those that do not wish to grow and move forward. I will just focus and give energy to likeminded individuals that want to get along, move forward, grow, learn, and progress. I know I felt good about the reunion. I know I didn't chime in a whole lot. And I think I had good reason. You don’t get to see everything, but I felt it was important to let the people who had real issues with each other hash it out with no outside opinions, just like I said in the Philippines. When people interject their opinions and thoughts when it’s not their issue, it just adds confusion to the situation. One of the cast members in particular is good for that. Always adding "well I think..." when it has absolutely nothing to do with her, and I feel those extra unnecessary comments can potentially add fuel to the fire and then there is no coming back. So if my silence was going to help the progress of the group moving forward, then I will take that "L."

Yes, it's "cute" to "read" and get in an epic one liner or rant, but sometimes you just need to shut the hell up and let folks deal with each other and let them do them. I have no problems with that. Plus my opinion on everyone’s situation doesn't need to always be heard -- I wish more of us felt the same way. I will say that this seemed to be a great starting point for folks to move forward and put their money where their mouths are when it comes to being a grown ass woman. I really hope everyone wants to. It'd be great to see how things could go if we spent less time fussing and more time co-existing peacefully. #ThatIsAll


As the season has come to an end for me, I just wanted to say wow! What a roller coaster ride it has been! I had no idea getting into this that any of it would happen. I thought I'd come on board, have a little fun, bring a little light-hearted fun, and make some new acquaintances. This show is huge and everywhere I go people come up to me and say such amazingly sweet things, and I am truly humbled when they tell me how they can relate to me and appreciate my realness. I was particularly touched when a teenage boy who was gay and biracial that had always felt like an outsider reached out to me talking about suicidal thoughts he had. We spoke and I was beyond moved when he told me that he could relate to some of the things I spoke about and that I somehow inspired and encouraged him to keep going. Those are the moments that make all the drama and fussing and fighting truly worth it. I want to continue to use this amazing platform for important issues. Again I thank Andy, Carlos, Joy, Lauren, Stephen, the entire cast and crew for this amazing opportunity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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