Cynthia Bailey

Ever-punctual Cynthia explains why she was late to NeNe's dinner.

on Mar 6, 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to another drama filled episode of RHOA! I'm in NYC working all week, so I am going to try to make this short and sweet. Wish me luck! LOL!

Let’s go! In my opinion, ALL the ladies were excited to go on the girls’ trip to LA to visit NeNe. We all flew from Atlanta to LA (Phaedra and Kenya were on different flights) like one big happy family. After we landed, we went to the gorgeous house that NeNe laid out for us and settled in. It was an early flight, and we were all tired and hungry! By the time we got there (with the time difference), it had already been a long day. There were some snack foods at the house, but no real food-food! We did not have a lot of time before our 9pm dinner, so I got my snack on, jumped in the shower, and started to get dressed.

Now what you guys don't know is that I make every effort to always be on time whether it is a business meeting or just meeting up with a friend for coffee. I am known in this group for my punctuality, and if I am running late, I always call. Mostly everyone is always late, period! I find myself slacking as well now, because I'm always first to everything and have to wait for everyone else to arrive. This does gets frustrating, because it's not like I can come, do my thing, and leave! Regardless of how on time I am, I still have to wait for everybody else.