Cast Blog: #RHOA

Was NeNe Wrong or Right?

Derek J gives his thoughts on NeNe's decision to send the girls home.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Well, if you plan on dining at NeNe's place after 11:00 pm, it definitely won't be you!

After the small Grammy's vacay, the girls are back in action, this time in the Hollywood Hills. I must say that I got a great kick out of this episode because there was nice-nasty shade, reads, and a little hood behavior, FO-RE-YAL!

The question of the week is was NeNe wrong or right? I see it both ways. You can't come to people's houses at your leisure when something is being planned for you, but maybe you should also be a small bit more accommodating when you know how your girls get down. I actually just threw a dinner party and a few people were late, but I still let 'em in (after a curse out, of course).

I also HAVE to shout out the three new glam looks we saw last night. Cynthia serves us an unapologetic flat press with a green glitter eye, Phaedra gave us a Southern Belle tease with a nasty neck piece, and mother NeNe brought us the bang, fried, dyed and laid to a new side!

Last night was fun, but I think next week will be even more. It's Vegas, baby, and the girls will be living it up.

Until then, stay fab and be on time!

Kandi: The Vibe Changed for the Better

Kandi Burruss dishes on her talk with Phaedra Parks and the dinner with all the ladies. How did you get through that long flight to Manila?
Kandi Burruss: I slept the entire way! Did you feel better about your relationship with Phaedra after your talk?
KB: Yes, at the time I did. Did you feel like the vibe changed for the better after everyone talked through their issues at dinner?
KB: The vibe definitely changed for the better. We had a really great time after that.

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