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Do the Funky Donkey with Me – Ep 11's Associate Editor wants to work out with Phaedra.

You'd think a donkey booty workout video would bring people together, not tear them apart. But alas, it seems this donkey's come between Kenya and Phaedra. Will they able to get past all this booty business?

No. 3 - Do the Funky Donkey with Me

I must confess, some of those workout moves looked kind of fun. Watching Phaedra do her little squat dance made me really want to do a class with her. You'd probably be laughing half the time rather than seriously working out, but hey, laughing is good for the abs, right?

Conversely, Apollo is all business and it scares me. He's like that intimidating trainer you see at the gym telling some poor unfortunate soul to "push through the pain" while they sweat out roughly half their weight. (You then of course run an extra three minutes on the treadmill to make yourself feel better about your own comparatively feeble efforts to stay in shape.)

I have a feeling that in their good cop/bad cop video, a lot of people are going to be fast forwarding Apollo's bench press a car sections to do the Funky Donkey with Phaedra.

No. 2 - Donkey Business

Nobody works for free in Atlanta. And as Housewives history has shown (i.e. The Tardy for the Party royalties, Heather and Sonja's toaster oven shoot), it's better to make that clear upfront. So when Phaedra's negotiations with Kenya came grinding to a halt and a full on casting session was scheduled at the Bailey Agency without any compensation being put forward, Phaedra faced two none too pleased Housewives.

Cynthia played it cool and just let Phaedra know if she wants to do a casting, she'll have to pay a casting call fee. Kenya on the other hand decided that she was over this donkey business, and very quietly (due to having almost lost her voice to a cold) made her exit. It was dramatic, but I can only wonder how it might have gone down differently if she had her voice. Personally I thought it could have used a "Gone with the Wind fabulous" twirl or two.

Side Note: Big thanks to Cynthia for pointing out the hilarity of two women referring to the "back end" of a donkey booty workout video. Someone had to say it!
No. 1 - Hear Gone with the Wind Fabulous

While it wasn't on the show, it's impossible not to give the top spot to Kenya's live performance of her new (and first) single, Gone with the Wind Fabulous. I have only two things to say about this:

1. Kudos to Kenya for pulling of gold lamé pants.
2. The moves of those back-up dancers are lethal.

Is she our next spoken word superstar? Will the world be twirling at the club? Only time will tell.
Next week the booty battle kicks into high gear when Kenya announces her plan to create a "stallion booty" video.

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Spoilers Ahead: 7 Things We Learned at the RHOA Reunion

Get the tea on everything from NeNe's mom to new cheating allegations.

1Did Peter Cheat on Cynthia?

No! Cynthia says she would know if Peter was stepping out on her and that Porsha was making reckless allegations. 

Oh and Peter also made it clear that he would rather play with himself than sleep with one of his employees.

2Did Kordell Cheat on Porsha?

Yes! In an unexpected twist, Porsha let it be known that Kordell had cheated on her when they were still married.

She only learned about it after the fact though.

3Did Phaedra Have an Affair with an African Man Named Chocolate?

No! Phaedra claims she's never "done anything to compromise her marriage."


She even revealed that she still loves Apollo.

4Why Did NeNe Fall Out with Cynthia?

According to NeNe, Cynthia blindsided her at the reunion last year, because they had already mended fences. She thinks Peter told Cynthia to "change gears" with NeNe.

She also claims that Cynthia asked for her seat to be changed so that she and NeNe weren't sitting together.

5Why Did Cynthia Fall Out with NeNe?

According to Cynthia, NeNe wrote shady things about her in her blog over a comment Cynthia made in the show...all while they were on a trip together in Las Vegas. 

And that was the breaking point for Cynthia.

6Why Can't NeNe Talk About Her Mom?

As Gregg told Andy, NeNe's mother had five children when she was very young, and sent NeNe and her brother to Athens to be raised by her aunt. 

NeNe's always wondered why she was one of the two siblings sent away, and it's bugges her all her life.

7Does Andy Have Opinions on All of This?


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