Kenya Moore

Kenya was shocked by some of the things Phaedra said about her.

on Jan 23, 2013

I was perfectly fine before the business deal. Now I’m the alcoholic devil’s sister mental patient with Barbie doll parts! THE REAL PHAEDRA IS REVEALED! Phaedra’s wretched and reckless character assassination is the most horrendous, despicable, and hateful act anyone who ever called themselves a friend or foe can do. Phaedra is literally trying to malign my personhood, character, and business in one fell swoop. Any competent attorney knows asserting negative and false opinions as facts is actionable for a defamation of character and slander lawsuit.


Phaedra says I am the “devil’s sister” so I guess that makes her the devil himself.  Through all of my hurt feelings I still never said one negative statement about Phaedra. NOT ONE. This is about a business deal we could not come to terms on because she did not want to pay me for a deal that would have given her $30,000 upfront. In fact, I only asked for “backend” which is based on POTENTIAL profits. Therefore, if she never made a profit, I would have never seen a 10%. But she wins upfront with a $30,000 advance that pays for my $30,000 production budget. This was an unconscionable bad decision on her part. Clearly, one of many to come.