Kenya Moore

Kenya didn't appreciate Porsha's digs about Walter.

on Mar 5, 2013


It’s truly a blessing when you see your dreams realized. You must have talent, dedication to your craft, and be a hard worker. When you diligently prepare, thus, when opportunity knocks you are ready. I’m very proud of NeNe for what she has accomplished in a seemingly short period of time. She’s on a network television show, and that’s a great accomplishment and widely considered by most accomplished Hollywood actors as an enviable position to be in. But even NeNe can tell you herself, she has been struggling for a while to get work as an actor. It isn’t easy to break into “show” business. But I have personally witnessed her work ethic, and as a focused woman myself, I love a woman with the same qualities and who works for everything she has. NeNe is an example of that. Bravo!


Starting a new life is very exciting and furnishing a home is time consuming.  Since I had some extra furniture, I was happy to give NeNe a few items, rather than her wait 6-12 weeks just for a few pieces to arrive. She refused to accept them as gifts and offered to pay for them. So instead, I gave her a gorgeous mirror as a house warming present, the balance of the items she absolutely paid for. Unfortunately, I never got to see them, because she wouldn’t let us into her beautiful new house!