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Kenya Says, Walter Says - Ep 18

Cynthia: I Knew I Had to Take My Audition Seriously

Kenya: I'm More Empathetic Toward Apollo

Claudia on Her Breakdown

Kandi: "Apollo Wasn't Thinking Clearly"

GIF Recap: Chocolate Goodness

Kandi's Devastating News

Phaedra: I Knew What I Needed to Do

Claudia: I'm Not Trying to Be Porsha's Friend

Kenya on Her Pilot

GIF Recap: Dish Nation Divided

Cynthia on Her Drama-Free Trip

Has Kenya Found Love?

Claudia: Kordell was Barely Flirting

Kenya on NeNe's "Embarrassing" Behavior

Claudia: "These Double Standards are Killing Me"

Kandi: "I'm Not Two-Faced"

Phaedra: I Appreciated Demetria's Apology

Are Demetria and Phaedra Cool?

NeNe on Her Apology

Cynthia: Claudia Can Read with the Best of Them

Claudia: NeNe's Behavior Needed to Be Checked

Kenya on "The Beasts"

Phaedra: Demetria Took Things Too Personally

GIF Recap: Lessons in Reading

Phaedra's Ignorant Comments

Claudia: I'm Not Surprised by NeNe's Ugly Demeanor

Kenya: NeNe Doesn't Want to Like Me

Cynthia: I'm Moving Forward in Grace and Love

Kandi: "I Wasn't Trying to Set Demetria Up"

Phaedra on Being Recognized by the Bar

NeNe: "I'm Not a Fake Friend"

Demetria Responds to the Rumors

Cynthia: Forgiveness is a Process

Phaedra: My Mother is My Rock

Kenya: "An Acknowledgement is Not an Apology"

Claudia: I Do Not Own a Flip Phone

Cynthia: It Was Awkward Seeing Phaedra Uncomfortable

Demetria: I Have No Beef with Kenya

NeNe Explains the Wig

Phaedra: I Was Hoping Apollo Wouldn't Create a Scene

Kenya Says, Walter Says - Ep 18's Associate Editor would be very worried right now if he was Walter.

No. 3 - Twirling Out of Control

"Here comes Kenya walking fast." Cynthia saying that coupled with that super intense music made for a terribly suspenseful cliff hanger this week. Is Kenya going to death stare Walter's unsuspecting date to death? Is she finally going to confront Walter and let him have it? Or maybe she'll just hip check him out of there with that stallion booty? I don't know but I can't wait to find out.

I was also getting a little nervous for Kandi when she was telling Kenya that Walter was at the party. Kenya was none to pleased, and Kandi was in the way of the line of fire.

No. 2 - Old News

In the rumor mill that is this episode, we get Walter's reason for not being into Kenya -- that she's too old for him. According to him: "I like my women how I like my rims, 22s, 24s, 26s." Let's just say if I were him, I'd be watching my back right now, because Kenya's probably ready to Gone with the Wind Fabulous him into oblivion.

I think you could tell the rest of the guys had a bit of a nervous look on their faces when he said that, because you should never talk about a woman's age. Especially when that woman is a Housewife of Atlanta.
No. 1 - Your Body is Wonderland

Whether or not Walter is gay, one thing is clear -- he and Kenya did not have any chemistry. The proof being that they didn't get it on in Anguilla, because according to Cynthia and Kenya, if you can't do it there, you can't do it anywhere. I'm not sure exactly what it is about Anguilla that makes it the sexiest place on earth, but excuse me while I go book a ticket...

I also loved hearing Kenya and Cynthia wonder why Walter didn't want to play on the playground/amusement park that is Kenya, since it led to my favorite line of the episode:"This is an amusement park, and you ain't got no admission tickets." Oh snap! The tunnel of love is closed.
Next week it looks like Cynthia and Kenya's new-found friendship may be in trouble.