Porsha Stewart

Porsha was surprised to hear some of the things Cynthia had to say about her this week.

on Jan 28, 2013

All right now let’s discuss my "buddy" Ms. Cynthia. I was so excited for my "friend" when she told me she wanted to branch out and start doing pageants. I'm a very encouraging friend, and when you are a part of my circle of friends, I'm going to be there for you as much as I can. Therefore when she asked me to help her by getting my family's charity involved with her pageant, I was happy to oblige. As soon as I arrived at the meeting, Cynthia began to share details with me about her pageant. She mentioned having someone perform, asked if I sing, and I told her yes. From that point on she and I discussed the song I would perform -- her favorite, Eye on the Sparrow. While I was watching the show, I was shocked by the shady comments Cynthia made in her interview. Here we go, total confirmation of why I felt a little leery of assisting her so closely. When I decide to do something, I'm all in and want to see my friends win. Last night I was hurt by the cattiness Cynthia displayed, I just hope it's not a sign of what's to come. *side eye* 

Man, I tell you, this is a stressful situation. I am a real housewife and live an everyday lifestyle, so I'm not accustomed to women acting this way. It’s just starting to seem like there's going to be some shade at every turn. I genuinely care for her, and I just hope I'm wrong. But if not, I now have tough skin and can roll with the punches.

Well guys I need to go pick up my pooch from the groomer. Until next time!

P.S. To all the women out there raising a family and taking care of your household, don't let anyone tell you that your efforts and what you do does not have value or isn't work! All the love, caring, prayers, and labor it takes to raise a family is a wonderful thing and a blessing to have. Be encouraged!