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    Porsha Stewart

    Cynthia's New Diva-Tude

    Porsha was proud of Cynthia for reading Kenya.

    Nov 14

    Once again the ladies of the South (except for one) did not disappoint. (Yep shade. Hehe!)

    I really enjoyed seeing a couple of the scenes that I didn't even see coming. The scene with Pheadra, Cynthia, and NeNe I thought was really cute. Sometimes I feel like you have to get out of your comfort zone and let your hair down to move past issues and really give yourself a chance to get to know someone. I feel like that's what they were able to do at the gym.

    So with a whole lot of sweat and laughs, NeNe and Cynthia let down their guard down and invite Kim to the successful women celebration. (Hell just froze over. LOL!) Bet you didn't see that coming. I’m pretty proud of her for that. A lot of times people say "money changes you." Well the way I see it, money should change you in a positive way. Money most of the time equals success, so when you’re successful, you don't have time to be stuck holding on to old drama that really doesn't matter.

    Now as for Kandi, people have been saying she was hating on NeNe when she cautioned Pheadra about having her meet up with them for a workout. As far as I’m concerned me, I didn't get how she was hating. To be honest, it just seems like she was asking her friend why now? So is that hating? I'm not sure.

    I give Kim props for trying to be the bigger person and come to NeNe’s party, but then had to take it right back when she walked right past the bathroom and out to her car after telling NeNe she'll be back. My mouth was left wide open, because NeNe seemed sincere and hopeful for their friendship to be rekindled. I feel like Kim at the very least could have sent Sweetie back in to say, “Hey we really have to run.” But at the end of the day, who’s to say how long it will take for two people to be at the same place of forgiveness at the "same dayum time." I will say, like you guys, I'm hopeful that it works out between them in the end. It would be good if the both of them could sit down and talk one-on-one and get back to that place which made them to be friends in the first place.

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    Pa33ion 5 pts

    Porsha, I love you!!! I think you're great, happy, care and drama-free! When I look at you, I see someone who's happy in life and is loved as a person. Kenya is clearly jealous of your great life with your family and new husband. Your husband clearly LOVES you and Kendra...I mean Kenya knows there's no possibility of her stealing him away, as for the next episode, when you said to Kenya "you're on the curb where she should be", you were absolutely right! Her behavior and complete lack of respect for your late grandfather, who you are as a woman, wife and daughter of someone was complete GARBAGE! Anyone who condemns you for your success as a wife, public figure, what you have accomplished or any other good thing you are and have done is an insecure and jealous person! Lets just keep it real, my 14 year old daughter watched the latest episode of ATL HW, and commented on how childish, rude, immature, foolish, and jealous Kenya and her guest Kanya were behaving. If a 14yr old can can everyone else!!! Stay strong Porsha!!! We LOVE YOU!!! Please keep living out loud and NEVER apologize for what God has given you!!

    nursenj 898 pts

    i think you are childish, immature and disrespectful. you call someone old but you are 31 yrs old look in the mirror honey you are not a teenager nor in your twenties. what have you achieved. kenya has gone through a lot and achieved more at your age than you have. dont look now 40 years is around the corner.

    bklyngirl481 18 pts

     nursenj LOL!  Yepper, 40 will come around before she can blink an eye.

    candycorps 90 pts

    I notice you haven't bothered to write a blog this week. I wanted to like you but I was apalled at your husband giving you an expensive gift at a charity event. It wasn't a birthday party for you and that was so disgusting. You embarrased your grandfather charity all on you own dear make no mistake.

    lovelymimi 293 pts



    You seem really cute and fun. I was going to complain about how tacky it was of your husband to give you that kind of a present at a "charity", but looks like all the other viewers nailed it... Moving on.


    I don't like Kenya , but you weren't 100 percent right in the situation either. If you invite someone as a guest and introduce them to a crowd you should know thier title. Also, Kenya wasn't too invite to the chrity, why was she too old when she went outside?? If all you can insult her with is her age, you really need to come up with something else. All of your castmates are in thier 40s, plus you're no spring chicken yourself. Also your insulting at least 50 percent of the viewers when you call her "old". I'm 35 and realize that what happened at that chairity had NOTHING to do with age. It had more to do with class, which both of you seem to lack.

    Nastybaby 186 pts

    ---and may I add that her husband is 40 years old himself?  I'm sure he grimaces a little, every time she makes a comment about age.  She really needs to get a clue.

    ShiningStarr 85 pts

    Porsha, I'm not sure yet whether I like you or not yet. So far you seem immature, a scatter brain and all about yourself. I couldn't believe when your husband presented you with a new Channel bag while you were up at the microphone and you jumped for joy as if you two were at your anniversary party or something. Who does that at a charity event? I'm sure that you wanted to give the charity event while you were on the show so that it could get more donations from viewers and possibly high profile viewers. And that's O.K., but you may have done more harm than good. You definetely are not a public speaker and the event was not done professionally. And if you are going to invite somebody (Kenya Moore) to your event and introduce them, you should have at least got her title correct. I would have been offended too. After seeing your husband present you with a new purse, along with how unprofessional the event was put together, not to mention the fiasco that you and Kenya had, I doubt if very many people would want to get involved with the charity event. And that's sad. Kenya was Miss USA and your grandfather was a civil rights leaders. Both are great achievements for Black people, but you made remarks as if Kenya's achievement was nothing and called her old. So far, I don't know about you. We will see how you come across in upcoming episodes.

    xxxemxxx 509 pts

    Porsha, I think you are beautiful, classy and have a handsome husband. Your home look really nice, the little that I saw,you dress nice and look amazing and for that I think M/s USA  whatever was a little jealous of you. She doesn't hide it well did you see her face when your husband had a cake ,present brought out she was sitting there like disgusted but deep down its what she would like to have a man who think the world of you. She wasn't happy.Because she doesn't  have that she wishes she did if fact she's a little desperate to have a man, but don't let the jealous cougar make you feel bad. Jealousy is a bad habit to have. And it look unbecoming just look back at that seen when your husband walked in you'll know what I mean. Anyway you are amazing and don't let m/jealous tell you differnt.  And you are very sweet


    nursenj 898 pts


     for now. give it 5 yrs.

    michelle.lucas.3150 534 pts

    Can't help but wonder if the guest at the charity were thinking when her husband gave her gifts, 'Umm, is that where my donation is going?"

    Johnae 12 pts

    Porsha,you are so clueless, immature, and for the record No one has heard of you.  We know who Kenya Moore is!  Please great over yourself.

    Milica 2451 pts

    But you disappointed, dear. You are tacky and clueless - that is the first impression about you. Hope it gets better.

    Milica 2451 pts

    Just one more thing - Kenya, like her or not, is the second Afro-American woman to win the title of Miss USA ever- it's a history, it's important and she has every right to be proud of it. You as Afro-American should know that and not roll your eyes when she corrected you.

    OhUKno 33 pts

     Milica Especially since her Grandfather was part of history  but it was a long time ago too. Porsha called Kenya old and basically played out but she's riding the coattails of her grandfather who was doing his thing in the 1960's. Kenya was 1990's so...if Kenya is irrelevant because it was a long time ago, what does Porsha think about her Grandfather. Just saying.


    I like @kenyamoore and I think she will grow on other people eventually. Porsha on the other hand is silly and ditsy. I don't dislike her yet but I think she's part bimbo. The scene where her husband brought her a Chanel purse to a charity event made NO SENSE. WTH????


    It's like she was trying to show off to her group of friends she assembled rather than genuinely try to raise money. Why would her husband be giving her a purse in front of everyone when the event was for children? That's the kind of gift you give later not while holding a microphone. It was so silly and done for show. I am constantly disappointed when I see civil right's leasers offspring. They are usually like Porsha. Lacking in substance and completely obliviously to the emotions and beliefs that made their ancestors who they were. Like Porsha said she sits around giggling all day with her unemployed gold-digging friends. So far she comes across as a materialistic clown who uses her grandfather's legacy to boost her status.


    Anyway, she doesn't bother me yet I think she's just misguided and not very bright. Since she is so stupid Kenya didn't have to play her out like that because it was clear the girl invited Kenya to impress her friends. Kenya was right though. KNOW the facts! Don't invite someone as a special guest to an event and not even know who they are.

    polishmom 337 pts

    Just another immature housewife.  Get over yourself.

    NYPeach4Life 26 pts

    I don't like Kenya... but you are much worse!  Grow up and act like you have some sense.  Better yet, take a couple of cues from Cynthia on how to project class..... Its gonna be a very long season!

    charlie@company 235 pts

    PORSHA, PORSHA, PORSHA.......Girlfriend, you make Kenya look sane & intelligent!!!!  All I can say about you is "All Beauty & No Brains"!!!!!!! That fiasco of a fundraiser that you hosted was a downright embarrassment to your grandfather's legacy!!!!! What was that?!?! Please, Please, Please stay away from a microphone until you have had training in public speaking to avoid further embarrassment to yourself!!!! Remain behind the scenes Darling & let the experts run your grandfather's foundation, before you run it in the ground!!!!


    And Boy, was your "sugga-daddy" of a husband laying it on thick for the cameras. I think that he & Greg Leakes are in competition for who can be the most fake on camera!!!! Both of them need to take a lesson from Peter & keep it real!!!!  


    I hope to laugh w/you in future episodes & not @ you!!!!!

    justanobserver123 12 pts

    How TACKY that was for your husband to show up with an expensive GIFT for you & a Charity even....that's just RUDE!!! I think Kenya was absolutely rude the way she acted! But you bragging about all of your "privileged" life was also not necessary. You & Kenya both need to eat some HUMBLE PIE!!!

    TristateFan 86 pts

    Porsha went out her way to seek Kenya out to attend her Gala as a guest and went out her way to improperly introduce Kenya without apology.  Kenya Moore is Miss USA 1993, not Miss America.  If Porsha has memory issues she should have used index cards. Those of us who have attended conferences, or fundraising events within our community, the host will do the introduction and 99% of the time they get the guest name and title right, if not the audience will correct them on the spot and the host will apologize and correct themselves. I am surprised Kenya agreed to attend after that luncheon; I would have told Porsha let me get back to you and then call her back to say, I am unable to make your event I hope it is a success, maybe next year. 


    Porsha if your fathers fundraiser is important to you, next time have your guest name and title correct, you need to take that seriously. 

    angel367 79 pts

    By the way, I was also put off by the personal gift and the announcement of  hubby’s donation on air.  I think it interfered with bringing awareness to your charity.  It became about how materially  fabulous you are. 


    yvonne.quinteroputt 15 pts

    Kenya can't stand how perfect your life is and literally sits there GREEN WITH ENVY!!! I love it you go Porshe for being a "Classy Lady".....

    angel367 79 pts

     I’m so glad you kept your class while dealing with Kenya.  I like you, but you did appear a tad annoyed by her  early on during lunch.  Is it possible that editing cut out some of her insults? We know she’s full of them.    Was introducing her as Miss America year unknown, possibly a tool to knock her down a peg?  We Southerners are pretty good with smiling and jabbing at the same time.   Just asking.


      She was definitely uncomfortable knowing you have almost everything she wants and I’m sure you had no idea you were causing trauma by your newlywed bliss.  Keep being yourself. You’re a breath of fresh air to the show.  The world needs to see that all black women aren’t bitter and mean spirited.  Some of us are  kind and joyous with husbands who simply adore us, as well.  



    OhUKno 33 pts

     angel367 Really? Porsha is a silly clueless woman who embarrassed herself. Kenya has been rude but only thin skinned people are offended by it. Those who identify with the people Kenya mocks. Example: The woman Kenya  called a man. Throw a rock, a hit dog will holler. Kenya's role on the show is entertaining and that's the point. Entertainment. However, Porsha is using her Grandfather's legacy to boost her profile and it's a disgrace. A h

    Isee 337 pts

    We saw Kenya first, and she made quite an entrance. And IF , you got to watch the first two episodes before filming the third, MAYBE, you would have let her be her and shoot herself in the foot. But , it doesn't work that way, and in a situation where you could have been the ever loved new girl, you actually made, (I can't believe I'm saying this) Kenya look less self absorbed. The handbag, big hubby as the only man there (throat clear, Avivia? Anyone). Oh the power plays! I'll tell you what I said in blog to Kenya, be your effing self. People actually like the things you might hate about yourself! It's weird, but true.

    tori11 418 pts

     Isee i think she young and getting her grounding on the show, She sweet and while the gift think was silly, i think she will find her way. at least she's not out there purposely trying to hurt and destroy people!!! like some other miss usa woman..

    OhUKno 33 pts

     tori11  Isee How is calling one woman a man, destroying people? It was rude and surely hurtful to the young girl who courageously posed in front of one of the most stunning looking women ever, Kenya Moore, and for that it most likely damaged that girls self-esteem. I keep thinking maybe the girl was paid to be there like the security know...for the show of it.


    If it was legit then it was cruel of Kenya but I haven't seen her hurt or destroy anyone yet. She says rude comments that are funny a lot of the time. She's outrageous and it's delightfully entertaining. At any rate I'm going to enjoy the fireworks to come between Kenya and Porsha.

    Isee 337 pts

    @OhUKno @tori11 I never said anything about anyone destroying people. I don't think you read my post.

    nursenj 898 pts

     tori11  Isee

     she's 31

    Nastybaby 186 pts

    I was put off by the way you and your husband made the charity event about YOU with his entry and the gift (the purse).  You seem very self-centered, but I hope I am wrong.  In the preview to the next episode, you made a snide remark about Kenya's age; age is something that you should never mock, since it's an inevitable thing for most of us.  Oh, and as much as I already dislike Kenya, you  really should have made a point of remembering her title.  It only made you look unprepared and silly.

    bklyngirl481 18 pts

    I was really pumping my fist for your arrival and that arrival fell flat.  Instead of accumulating purses, I would suggest you acquire an education. You could also use some help with gaining a better command of the English language because you have been hanging with hood rats for too long.  I felt as if I were watching Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop. Ratchet!  And to the Bravo network: Really?!  Are you going to subject us to this?  Nene, stop criticizing NYC when you are just one baby toe out  of Athens, GA. Really?

    tori11 418 pts

     ScottWmSimpson Give her time!

    polishmom 337 pts

     tori11  ScottWmSimpson that won't help.

    NANA2886 6 pts

    i love u on this show! your so right about that devil Kenya, and she needs to be off the show! she doesn't deserve any air time! I'm so tired of her and her stupid comments! you keep your head up your beautiful keep up the good work

    OhUKno 33 pts

     NANA2886 Oh boy, another one. Well, it's good Porsha has a fan. Simpletons Unite! Even Forrest Gump had a friend named Bubba.

    Dbianculli 23 pts

    How's disgusting how far from reality both Porsha and Kenya are! Does anyone think either of these narcissistic, fake, greedy, snotty and bratty little girls has even a clue of reality? Or what the real world is like in any capacity? The only thing "Real" about these two women is their complete lack of decency! Shame on Bravo for broadcasting such terribly ugly least the rest of the ATL cast has a soul.

    hellionoftroy13 65 pts

    I am glad to see a REAL housewife added to the cast and Bravo did a good job by adding you, But,  I wish Bravo would fire Kenya. she is not a housewife and does not belong on the show. Plus her personality is abrasive.

    Isee 337 pts

    You actually had a valid point, but talking trash took away from your argument

    laces 40 pts

    Total support for you.  People will always be jealous and try to knock you down.  Continue to celebrate your life and family.  Don't stoop to other's bitterness .  Keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER so that you can keep an eye out.  xxoo

    jpinphx515 166 pts

     laces what exactly is there to be jealous about?  Sounding like a 13 year old?, not having a command of the english language? setting a poor example for her families foundation? the list goes on and on...

    laces 40 pts

     jpinphx515  People are jealous for many reasons.  Many would love to be in her shoes, don't you agree?  Is there ever a "valid" reason for jealousy?  People who have no self-worth are jealous.  I stand by my statement.


    beckyboo27 178 pts

    Porsha, you are spot on about Kenya! She has some major issues! Holy crap, that girl is a mess!


    You haven't even been featured on the show yet, and I already love you! I can't wait for you to make your debut! Please don't disappoint. 

    alessa949 6 pts

    Porsha Stewart, you are AWESOME.  I have only read your blogs and seen the previews, but I'm already in love with your spirit and personality.  I've been watching the Housewives series for years as a guilty pleasure, and I can say I've never been happier to see an addition such as yourself.  Keep being you and get it girl!

    Sharronh85 396 pts

    Where have you been on the show?  It's gone be episode 3 before we see you. 


    I like that you are prepared and ready for the viewers and haters.  That's what it's all about.


    I can't wait to see you and Kenya go at it.  She's not a fan favorite thus far.  I expect more from women of color and Kenya is not a good representation.

    allydachie 713 pts

    I can't wait to see  you on the show.

    sisterhood 220 pts

    Hi Porsha, can't wait to see you on the show.  You seem to be on point about a lot of things.  I would just say stay out of the nene and kim thing because it has been back and forth since season one, this is the longest they haven't made up. 

    Rashad007 500 pts

    Wait Wait Wait The only things I have are the previews and read your blogs and I like you already .... Can't wait to watch you this Sunday!!!!!